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“Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”

– Frederick Douglass

Beginning of Summer Collection


I’m in the final stage of having a cold. You know when all the congestion is mainly down in your chest/throat and all you have to do is cough up all that phlegm? Sometimes it’ll come up when you sneeze. But mainly you have to get lucky and cough it out. And you know when it comes like halfway up but you can’t spit it out and you’re like DAMN IT- SO CLOSE. GET OUTTA THERE.

To much information? C’mon. We’ve all been there.

While I’m over here hacking up a lung, you should check out the things I’ve been loving so far this summer. There is a whole bunch of things I’ve been really into.

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June 2016 Playlist

Summer is always the time where I want more upbeat, dancey, rap-able, and crank up-able jams. THIS playlist is just that. I’ve been listening to it on every bike ride to and from work. Not lately obviously as I’ve been at home sick with a cold- but as I’ve been laying on the couch watching Gilmore Girls, I’ve been dreaming about being out in the sun on my bike listening to the sounds of summer.Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 1.49.07 PM

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Bowl of the Week


I’ll admit, my last blog post was a downer. But I’m just trying to keep it real, guys! I feel like we don’t talk about the bad stuff as often as we should. I’m pretty good at being positive and focusing on the bright side of things, but sometimes, man, I can’t. And that’s where that post came from. I got mine though because I ended up coming down with a really bad cold the day after I posted that and I still haven’t gotten better. Being in that negative dark place can breed bad stuff. And apparently evil cold germs.

I’m always torn between the art of wallowing and letting myself be in a low place (I think there is something therapeutic about it) and pushing through to force myself to be happy (it can be so hard). Maybe its all about a balance between the two.

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Heart Explosion


I’ve been listening to Brené Brown’s book, Rising Strong, on audible. It’s meant to build upon her other works, but I think you could still read it as a standalone piece. It focuses on acknowledging the fact that as humans we will fail and owning that failure- owning the disappointment, heartache, and struggle- telling our story without fear or feeling ashamed- really embracing everything that comes with falling flat on your face and being stuck in rock bottom.

I’ve never been one to shy away from truth. Brown’s encouragement for us to own our story is something I really identify with. I think it’s so important to be honest about what’s really going on in our lives and not ignoring the bad stuff. I usually resist opening up right away- wondering if me talking about whatever it is I want to talk about is too much or if anyone would care. But I eventually get to the point where I basically feel like I’m going to implode if I don’t say what I want to say out loud. And then it all explodes out of my heart into words that the whole world can read.

As I sit up now at midnight, unable to go to sleep per usual, my mind is zeroed in on the elephant in the room that I’ve been ignoring for the past several months. My weight and how uncomfortable it makes me.

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