July Playlist

I used to be the master of making playlists- having each song flow into the next seamlessly by spending lots of time and effort curating a killer mix. I say used to because I sort of stopped practicing my craft after burning cds went out of fashion. It just used to be a lot more fun when you knew someone was going to listen to a cd that you created, from start to finish and YOU could control how they heard all these songs you loved! And I’m sure the people of the mix tape era feel the same way about their time worn medium.

Anyway, recently, a few really good playlists were shared with my through spotify and it inspired me to create some of my own! I’m getting back in the game!

You can tell I’m a little bit rusty because I don’t know in what world the Beach Boys and Pitbull belong on the same playlist. Mariah Carey and Train? Amy Winehouse and the Talking Heads? Just GO WITH IT, people!

These are the songs I’m listening to a lot right now so I threw them all together into one playlist. Some just simply remind me of summer, some were born out of music stations me and my co-workers listen to, and some are old favorites that I have a whole bunch of nostalgic attachments to.

They all blend together in some weird way- I promise.

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