Figs + Halva Spread

If you love Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors as much as I do, you need this snack in your life: fresh figs smeared with just a touch of chocolate halva spread.7.2

When I came home last night after dinner with a friend, I wanted a snacky dessert that wasn’t too heavy but that also felt a tiny bit sinful. It had just finished on/off raining in DC and the sky was this dull pink/orange color- hence why these pictures are kind of an strange color. I thought the lighting was really pretty and tried to capture it- even if my phone doesn’t have the best capabilities to do so. It was the calm after the storm.

Anyway, I had never heard of halva until Adrianna wrote about her experience with the dessert. Halva is a Turkish/Middle Eastern/Sephardic soft cookie bar like treat. It’s nutty and sweet- usually made with ground sesame seeds. She did all the hard work of turning halva into a spread AND added chocolate. Yeah she’s a genius. I shouldn’t expect any less from a proud corgi owner.halva 2halvaSo the spread is a mix of tahini (ground sesame seeds), honey, and quality cocoa powder (yes, I’m going all Ina Garten on you and requesting that you use good cocoa powder). OH and a touch of sea salt.

You can use the spread on anything. It’s like the Turkish version of nutella. Use it on toast, stir it into oatmeal, or eat it with fruit!

I can’t think of anything better to pair with this stuff than figs. Figs and I have an interesting history. I used to hate em. Unless they were in newton form. But now that I don’t eat artificial sugars and my taste buds have changed dramatically, I can’t get enough of them. LOVE them. They have a honey-like sweetness and are native to the Middle East. Their season is short- so you gotta get them now while they’re around (aka NOW)!figsGrab a fig, split it in half, and spread each half with halva spread.snack comboSummer dessert // snack in a flash.

<< Halva Chocolate Spread recipe here >>

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