Leaving and Moving

cropped-20150527_2007141.jpgIn less than a month I’ll be moving out of DC- the city I’ve lived in for the past seven years- and moving back to Massachusetts. 95% of me is purely psyched to move back, but there is 5% of me that is already missing the things I love about DC. For all the things I don’t like about living here, there are a million things that I do like about living here. I never would have imagined that I’d grow attached to this seemingly cold, intense, go go go city, but I did. I am attached to it. It has been a great place to live for a young twenty-something.

For people who are knew to this blog and my life- I recently accepted a job up in Boston with Whole Foods Market (who I work with currently) and will be starting the first week in August. So I officially have less than one month left in DC! How does one even begin to say goodbye to a city that has been their home for so many years- a city that changed their life and played such a huge role in me being me? I’ve lived and grown up here for seven years!

I started a mini bucket list of sorts on my phone at the airport leaving Boston coming back to DC after getting the job- but it became super overwhelming. Not only are there new experiences I want to have and foods that I want to eat and friends that I must see before I leave- but there are so many familiar experiences that I want to have one more time before I head out.

Sipping sangria at Chef Geoff’s during Happy Hour on a Monday or Tuesday. Walking to the White House from my apartment on a quiet summer night. Going on evening strolls with Will around our neighborhood. Margs and my favorite meal from El Centro. Sitting on the Georgetown Waterfront and having it remind me of being home in Boston. Riding my bike up and down the Capital Crescent Trail. Eating on my balcony. Journaling on the backside of the Lincoln Memorial. Dancing on the stage at Town. Walking to the farmer’s market in Dupont and then going to my gym for spin on a quiet Sunday morning . Hearing the drum circle on Sunday afternoons in Meridian Hill Park. Eating at DGS Delicatessen on a rainy day.

I could go on an on. I’m the biggest nostalgia freak ever and I can’t help but romanticize my time here in DC.

In order to protect my heart, I’ve decided to not think to much about it. Instead of being all womp womp this is the last time I’m going to do this… I’m just being excited and seeing all my lasts in a positive way. I’m trying to do all my favorite things and live in the moment every single day that I have left here. It’s impossible to be bummed when you’re eating all the delicious things that you love, seeing all your favorite people, and having fun in a cool city. Be prepared to see a lot of last meals from my favorite DC places here on the blog! I’ve already started taking pictures on my phone pretty much every where I go.

The best part of all this is that as soon as this month is over, I’m moving back to a city that I’ve never experienced as an adult. And I cannot WAIT to make another city my own and fall in love again. It’s scary and I’m nervous and eager- but its exciting.

Anyway- until then- I’ve got a lot of living to do. And what better time to really love on DC than July 4th weekend?! DC has got Independence Day DOWN. I’m looking forward to a good weekend filled with patriotism, DC pride, and watermelon.

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