July Collection


I like doing roundups of things I’m loving. It’s fun putting all your faves into one, cute little package for other people to check out. These are the things that are making this July grand:

1. Aziz Ansari’s Book, Modern Romance: I knew Aziz was hilarious- that was a given- but this book is super legit because not only will it make you laugh, but its the findings of actual sociological research about dating and love in today’s world. It’s a good read.

2. Pineapple Tank Top from H&M: It’s a little more fun than just your basic tank top, but its easy to wear, loose, and breezy. Perfect for sticky and hot days in DC when you want to wear no clothes at all.

3. Watermelon: Need I say more? I mean, its one of the greatest things about summer

4. Essie’s Bahama Mama: I love this shade because it has just enough blue/purple tones where it looks good with all summery pastel colors and just enough red tones where it looks good with my bright, vibrant summer colors (like red and yellow) AND it’s neutral enough that it works with… well… neutral colors! Plum can be a neutral, right?

5. Ahnu Maia Sandals: I get complimented on these pretty much every day I wear them. They look super cute and can be dressed up or down. But the best part is- they’re so comfortable and made for walking long distances in. They’re made by a pretty outdoorsy company and meant for us active people! I can walk an hour and a half to work in them, ride my bike, and go out to dinner. They’re the best. Pricey- but worth it.

6. Coconut Water with Aloe: I’ve been spending a lot of time sweating my butt off outside this summer- which is great because I love the sun- but it can leave me feeling pretty depleted. Plain old water is definitely the best for re-hydrating. Sometimes though, you need something more for all those lost electrolytes. This stuff combines two things that are really awesome for you into one refreshing drink. I like having it in the fridge for a quick little cup to quench my non-quenchable DC summer thirst.

What would be in your July collection? Any books that you’re loving? Looks your digging? Food you can’t get enough of? Fill me in!

aziz book

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