DC Must Dos


I’m trying to squeeze the most out of every single last day that I’m here in DC– but especially my days off from work. A full day off must be full day of activities! This past weekend I went DC bucket listing and crossed off a handful of good ones…

>> Besides watching fireworks on the 4th, Will and I went to the National Building Museum. I used to work there and wanted to go once more before leaving. Right now they have a really cool interactive art installation called “The Beach.” It’s a “beach” made out of recycled plywood, turf, and plastic balls (which serve as the ocean). It’s basically a giant ball pit with a faux sand area (complete with beach chairs) and a snack shack with goodies from the Union Kitchen. Will bought me some orange pistachio stuffed dates made by Julie’s Datery– YUM. I’ve been wanting to try them.

the beachball pit 4ball pit 3ball pitball pit 5wpid-20150704_155022.jpgsnack bar

>> Fourth of July ended with one last pie from local producer, Whisked! Blueberry lemon pie, yummm. It tasted like a lemon square but with blueberries in it. I bought it at Pleasant Pops– one of the best lil local places to grab food, popsicles, and coffee.

blueberry lemon piewhisked pies

>> Sunday started with veggie centric breakfast tacos (with touch of good quality cheese and farm fresh scrambled eggs) bright and early from Chaia at my favorite farmer’s market in Duponttacos

>> Followed by bike riding down Connecticut and then Pennsylvania one last time with Will to get to Capitol Hill. There are few things like riding your bike toward the Capitol building. It makes you feel like you’re in a movie.

capitol riding 3capitol riding 2

>> And then… climbing the steep slopes of Capitol Hill via bike to reach… District Doughnut (seen above). I had never been and um… it’s probably for the best that it’s located quite a ways from my apartment because I would have been there way too frequently. I got a blueberry cake doughnut, Will got strawberry glazed, and we split a dulche de leche one. I was on the fence about them because their name abbreviated is DD- and there’s only one DD in my life (dunkin donuts, baby!)- but I shouldn’t have let my fierce Boston pride get in the way of such amazing doughnuts.dd 2

>> Our ride continued to the Navy Yard for some riverside walking.waterfront

>> And then continued even further all the way to Old Town, Alexandria. We had never done the ride from DC to Old Town and I have no idea why not! It was such a great ride! I mean… it was redonkulously hot outside but other than that- really cool ride. Do it if you haven’t already. It takes like 45 minutes! We stopped at Gravelly Point Park along the way (one of Will’s favorite places and a spot where we had a couple of date afternoons back in the day) where you can see planes taking off and landing at Reagan. I’m not as fascinated by planes as Will is, but even I love this place.

gravelly pointgravelly point 2

I was definitely wiped out on Sunday night. I sat on the couch for a couple hours with Will and we planned our upcoming adventure to Seattle (we leave tomorrow- eek!).

Stay tuned for more DC must dos as I try and do everything possible under the sun that’s worth doing here in this crazy city.

3 thoughts on “DC Must Dos

  1. You covered a lot of ground this weekend! I just experienced District doughnuts for the first time a few weeks ago after moving my boyfriend into his new apartment in DC. It was amazing! I think we got dulce de leche to split before breakfast and I was in heaven


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