Cava Grill

cavacava 2

File this place under the top 3 food joints I’m going to miss terribly when I move to Boston. Oh Cava Grill, how I love thee. If you’re in DC, you understand what I’m saying here. If you’re not from DC, woah go to Cava if you ever get the chance. They actually just spread to the greater DMV area, Baltimore, and even Los Angeles so it won’t be long before they spread somewhere close to you (or so I hope- please come to Boston- please?!).

They are masters of fast-casual Mediterranean food. Where else can you get a grains and green bowl (I do 50/50 white rice and super greens) piled with braised lamb, pickled red onions, mint, tomatoes, red onion, and lemon herb tahini. Don’t even get me started about their crazy feta. Don’t even. Then there’s the pita and the fun drinks! OH ANDΒ their collaborations with lots of other local vendors that they’re sourcing product from (Gordy’s Pickles and Whisked! to name a few). And to top it off- the people behind the brand are basically the coolest.

cava 3

Their bowls seem like they’d be easy enough to recreate. I mean, they’re fairly simple, its all in the assembly. But man, I’ve tried to make similar bowls at home for lunches and whatnot and they’ve been just that- similar- but not the same. There is some sort of magic in whatever it is they’re doing at Cava. Nothing really compares.

For like ten bucks you can get a healthy, delicious, well-made, filling meal.

Eat every Cava meal like it might be your last… because in my case- it probably is.

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