24 x 24


In honor of my 25th birthday (which was yesterday!) here are 24 things I learned as a 24 year old and am now walking into my 25th year with:

  1. Meditation is worth slowing down for.
  2. Plantains are SO. GOOD.
  3. Going off of the above, my last meal on earth would involve shredded pork carnitas + guacamole + sauteed plantains in coconut oil.
  4. Sleep is ridiculously important, but I can survive without it (it’s not the end of the world to not get eight hours of sleep every single night).
  5. No one is going to treat you like an expert until you start acting like one and treating yourself like one.
  6. Personality, good communication, and being kind will get you further than anything else.
  7. La Croix grapefruit sparkling water is perfect.
  8. My body is me (I am one with my body)- I am actually living in the body that I so often feel like is a separate entity from myself. I talk about my stomach and all its issues like it isn’t connected to my head and my heart- when really, it is. It’s all me. And it’s always doing its best.
  9. On that note, you have to love your body always. Not just at certain sizes- you don’t have to just “accept” yourself at whatever weight you’re at, but you have to love your body irregardless of size or anything physical. You have to consider yourself lucky to be a living being and love your body because it allows you to live.
  10. Continuing on this body train of thought… never take for granted what you can do today. Bodies change, minds change, things happen- things that you love to do might become things you can no longer do and so just appreciate what you can do today.
  11. Enjoy the downhills (both in life and while riding a bicycle). I used to get anxious when life felt easy and my list of responsibilities was small- it had to mean that I wasn’t doing enough or that I should be doing more. But I’ve come to realize that there will always be an uphill at the end of a downhill and you might as well enjoy the downhills while you’re there in order to be more well rested to get up that next hill.
  12. Hustle is important- do it when you need to. But you don’t need to be hustling always. Breathe and relax. Those things are just as important.
  13. I’ve lived a very east coast biased life– visiting the west coast (LA and Seattle) felt like another planet.
  14. People can change– never count people out for good.
  15. But people also leave. They have the right to come in and out of your life- and they will. You have to be prepared to say goodbye and not define your existence by other people.
  16. I’ll defend Tom Brady to my grave.
  17. Birkenstocks are a life changer.
  18. Stay away from making always/never statements for the most part- don’t define yourself like that. Because, well, you never know. People learn and grow.
  19. I can live without coffee and caffeine (things I used to say I could never live without and now I do for the most part).
  20. You can cook anything from scratch if you just try (mayonnaise, tortillas, pizza, really good soup… the list goes on)
  21. I don’t want to live a life without margaritas or ice cream. 
  22. Focus on memories not acquiring things. I think of all the things I’ve done in this past year (saw Fleetwood Mac live, visited my BFF Kate in Baton Rouge, went to Red Sox opening day) I can’t help but smile. I had some pretty amazing moments. And they happened because I chose to spend my money on experiences and not just things (like clothes). See live music, fly to visit friends, and watch baseball.
  23. It’s such a cliche expression, but I feel its truth more than ever as I’m getting ready to say goodbye to DC and a lot of people I care about: “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
  24. You can always go back home. And I am.


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