Seattle Adventures

Space Needle 2

I already showed you the food from Seattle- which was all so freaking delicious- but it paled in comparison to the views of the city. And you guys know me, if I’m saying something is better than food, you know that’s something. This place was just so unbelievably beautiful! Like everywhere I turned there was a stunning sight of the water,  an interesting skyline, a bizarre angle of the Space Needle, or an impressive mountain.Ferris Wheel Sunset

Will and I both wanted to do as much outdoorsy stuff as possible while we were there- and luckily the weather cooperated with us and we were able to do a ton of stuff.

On our first night, we went to a Mariner’s game. It’s our goal to go to all the baseball parks in the country so we had to knock Safeco Field off our list! It was really laid back and chill. The weather was beautiful and the people were friendly. It wasn’t super gimmicky (which I like) and the stadium was well organized and clean. AND it was Bark at the Park night so there were dogs everywhere! Ahhhh! That’s the way to get to my heart. Safeco 5Safeco 2

On our first full day we did a challenging hike up West Tiger Mountain #3 that left me in tears. I wish I was kidding. It was a solid three miles straight up hill and I was not ready for it. And the view was sort of lackluster. It was one of those endeavors that made Will and I a stronger couple (because I was a mess and it was really hard for both of us). Everyone in Seattle must have really nice butts and legs because they handle those hills like CHAMPS. Me… not so much. I died a little bit that afternoon. But really- I didn’t die- I survived! And I was slightly proud. Our legs hurt until the last day of our trip. Whoops.

Before that big hike, we checked out Snoqualmie Falls and hiked around there for a little bit. Will tells me this is the waterfall in the Twin Peaks intro- so that’s cool! Snoqualmie was really pretty (both up at top and down at the bottom).

Waterfall 6WaterfallThe next day, we did some urban hiking- more Will and I’s speed- and explored downtown Seattle. We saw the Space Needle and went up to the tippety top! We took the monorail back home to the hotel because Will really felt the need.Space NeedleSpace Needle 3That same day we also took the time to look around Pike Place– a giant market with local vendors selling everything from fish to fruit to clothes to home goods. We made a point to see THE original Starbucks (it’s right in the same general area) and buy some rainier cherries.MarketMarket to marketPikes Place 3

OG SBAnd for whatever reason, there is a massive gum wall in Pike Place. Don’t ask. I don’t know why.Gum Wall 2Gum Wall 4On Saturday morning, we took ourselves back to nature and went standup paddleboarding in Lake Union. I had my ego bruised by mother nature AGAIN as I fell off my board for the first time ever in the choppy waters. Womp. It was still fun nonetheless. There were a lot of planes taking off and landing in the lake while we were there.wpid-20150711_102123.jpg

Saturday night was ALL ABOUT my friend Sara’s wedding! Beautiful location- beautiful best friend- beautiful couple- beautiful family- the best food and cake- solid dancing… it was a great wedding. I didn’t take that many pictures because I was engrossed in everything going on.Wedding 3Wedding 2Wedding 4Wedding

After a fabulous brunch hosted by the Groom’s family the following day, Will and I lurked around Discovery Park and LOVED IT. I wasn’t expecting to have so much fun there but I really liked all the little trails and the beach outlook. It was a warm, sunny, perfect day and Discovery Park was the best place to explore and stretch our legs.Waterfall 4wpid-20150712_151352.jpgwpid-20150712_154255.jpg

Before heading back downtown for dinner, we stopped at Kerry Park, per my friend Sara’s recommendation, to take in one amazing view of the city’s skyscape.

Kerry Park 3Kerry ParkPost dinner on Capitol Hill that night, Will and I stopped into this place called Gamma Ray Games (basically a small cafe/bar where you can play games!) and he beat me in a round of scrabble. I’ll get my revenge (he bought me scrabble for my birthday so there will be more games!)

On our last full day we visited the campus of the University of Washington. It was so big (compared to what I’m used to). We took a canoe out on Lake Washington– no one fell in the water this time. We were hoping to catch a glimpse of Mount Rainier because we hadn’t yet- but it was still too cloudy for us to see the mountain.wpid-20150713_105219.jpgAfter lunch, we headed over to Sand Point and walked around there. Not as cool as Discovery Park, but we saw some adorable ducklings and neat wetlands.

Then we walked around Green Lake (about a three mile endeavor). Again, the weather was perfect so it made for a enjoyable walk. PLUS we saw every dog type under the sun! Literally at all times there was a dog within view.

Sometime after Green Lake is when we saw Mount Rainier for the first time! Ahhhhh! It was so exciting! It’s so big and awe inspiring! On our last night we rode the Ferris Wheel down by the water and I couldn’t stop staring at that mountain. I wish pictures could do it justice.Ferris WheelMount Rainier 4Mount Rainier 3Very impressed, Seattle. Very impressed.

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