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Buredo 2

I haven’t gone full out grocery shopping once this month in July. Eep! I mean, I’ve picked up stuff here and there- but nowhere near my usual weekly routine of meal planning and prepping. With my DC deadline quickly approaching, its been more important to me to both eat at as many of my favorite spots and eat at places that are on my mental bucket list.

Here are some of the places I’ve been and loved lately:

  • Breakfast at Blue Duck Tavern– This is one of the best lil restaurants in DC. Most people go for lunch or dinner… but let me tell you, they have a killer breakfast/brunch! Will and I shared the waffles with rhubarb compote and ricotta + a short rib hash. Oh and bacon. Oh and fresh pineapple mint juice.
  • Buredo Burrito sized sushi rolls. They’re made with the right balance of ingredients so that you don’t feel like you’re eating a giant mouthful of fish or rice. And they hold up pretty well while you’re eating them too! Just be prepared to stand in line for a while- people are clamoring for these bad boys.
  • Jrink’s Activated Charcoal Juice Jrink makes the best cold pressed juice in DC. Hands down. I had been dying to try their Black Magic flavor (it’s activated charcoal, aloe vera, water, grape, and lemon) and it was SO GOOD. It was pretty much the perfect thing for a really hot day in DC. And it made my belly feel at ease. I think I need to get another one before I leave DC.
  • Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza- This was one of the first restaurants that I loved in DC. I remember many a pizza dates to Pete’s. I had to go one last time before heading out. You can get a couple slices and a salad for around 12 bucks so its not too bad. I got their famous clam pizza and a slice of sausage/mushroom. I hadn’t had regular pizza in a very long time so this was GREAT.
  • Surfside Taco Stand- How did I not know this existed until a couple of weeks ago? A taco stand in the Farragut area 24/7?! After a morning of standup paddleboarding yesterday, I knew I needed these guys.
  • Red Hen I wish I had pictures of the things I ate at Red Hen, but alas, I didn’t snap any. They’re well known for their housemade pasta and it did not disappoint. My friend and I almost got some entree food along with pasta… but the pasta looked better than anything else on the menu so we split two different pasta dishes. And shared the octopus app which was not as amazing as the pasta, but still really good.
  • Rare Sweets- As I declared on my instagram, this place is full of cake pioneers in a cupcake city. They make actual cakes and you can go in and order a slice any day that they’re open. I ordered a special cake for my birthday and it was the best. It was a vanilla cake with strawberries baked into it, strawberry jam in between the layers, and chocolate frosting. Yeah. Crazy good. This place makes really freaking good cakes.

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Now go make your breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert plans for the week!

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