La Quercia Prosciutto Americano


The title of this post is a real Italian mouthful. It’s almost as good as a mouthful of prosciutto but not quite.

I’ve always loved Italian meats. I used to get so pumped when my Mom would buy salami at the grocery store. I may have been one of the only kids with salami and mayo sandwiches on white bread in middle school- but you know what, no shame. That ish was delicious.

Italian sandwiches and subs have also always been a favorite. I used to house those bad boys like no other, let me tell ya. As I got older and my diet got healthier, I learned about the risks of eating too many fatty, greasy meats, so I stopped eating them as much. But you can never keep a girl away from her roots. Or her deli meats.

Since working at WFM, I’ve discovered La Quercia’s products and they are the bomb. I’m particular to theirΒ prosciutto americano and could pretty much eat it with anything. On eggs, on a sandwich, with fruit, with chips, as a daytime snack, as a midnight snack- anything. I love to wrap slices of it around figs or dates and go. to. town.

One night this summer I got a little creative and set up a surprise indoor picnic for me and my boyfriend Will. We were supposed to go see a movie outside in Dupont Circle, but there were crazy thunderstorms that night and it got cancelled. So we moved our moving screening indoors (we watched A League of Their Own for the record- he had never seen it!) and I made us a picnic spread.

OBVIOUSLY featuring La Quercia proscuitto. And salami. And sopressata.picnic 2

Also in the mix was some Kite Hill “cheese” (it’s made from almond milk!), cherries, Melissa’s cold cucumber sesame noodles, dried figs, Jackson’s Honest chips (sweet potato and regular), sundried tomatoes, walnuts, and a mix of olives/artichokes/marinated mushrooms.picnic 1

Baseball movie plus snacks for dinner?Β Summer vibes for sure.

I threw the leftover meats on an english muffin the next day with butter, pepperocinis, and a sprinkle of oregano, salt, and crushed red pepper- Italian style breakfast sandwich.sandwich

This. is. good. living.

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