Bowls of Goodness

Cauli RiceThat’s basically how you could describe most of my meals: bowls of goodness. I love when all the components of my meal can be thrown together in a bowl. I’ve explained this to people before, but there is just something so comforting about eating out of a bowl. I usually sit at my kitchen table, but if I want to sit on the couch, its easy to cradle the bowl in both of my hands, rest it slightly on my belly. I love filling a good sized bowl (its gotta be on the larger side- otherwise its too messy and not enough food) with delicious things and knowing that I get to devour every last bit of food in it.

Bowls of food are also one of the easiest ways to plan meals for yourself. Swap out different meats, sauces, grains, vegetables, and spices and you have endless options for bowls of goodness.

Here are two examples from last week:Smoked SalmonBreakfast Lox Bowl: I love having smoked salmon for breakfast. I used to eat it on bagels or toast or english muffins- but that got phased out when I started to be wary of gluten bombs. Then I used to eat it on zucchini pancakes- but those have fallen to the wayside due to a discovered egg allergy. SO lately, I’ve been loving smoked salmon on top of room temperature cauliflower rice. I steamed a big batch ofΒ cauliflower rice with salt and then tossed it with parsley and lemon juice. I stored this in the fridge during the week and then in the morning, I’d heat a portion just ever so slightly in the microwave to take the chill out of the rice. I’d then drizzle a teaspoon or so of olive oil on top, add some smoked salmon, and a mix of capers, artichoke hearts, and red onions.Hot DogFridge Clean Out Bowl: I’m moving on Friday and so I am desperately trying to get rid of some stuff still kicking around in my fridge. Stuff like, hot dogs. I love Applegates grass-fed beef hot dogs. I was going to mix some sliced hot dogs with frozen peas- but when I went to Whole Foods, I was intrigued by their pre-chopped up mix of kale, beets, carrots, parlsey, cabbage, and mustard greens- so I bought that instead. I sautΓ©ed the mix in some butter (from pasture raised cows) and served it over a cup of white rice with two sliced hot dogs. TOTALLY random, but really good!

You can make meals out of anything. Especially if there is a bowl involved. And when there are no bowls… grab a big piece of fruit.Melon Bowl

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