Goodbye DC


[taken at the top of the Washington Monument]

Alright, DC. It appears that we’ve reached the end of our long road together.

I always knew that you wouldn’t be my forever home. I didn’t think you’d be my home for as long as you were or that I’d grow to love you so much. But I did. I really did. And you became the best home away from home that I could’ve asked for.

You gave me lifelong friends, love, and the space to grow.

You opened my eyes and helped me see the world.

You provided me with an education (both in the traditional and non-traditional sense).

You allowed me to have fun and to be spontaneous, promiscuous, scandalous, and reckless.

You let me find my true self and pushed me to be myΒ bestΒ self.

You changed my life.

I started to write out a long string of memories that I’ll hold with me till I die from my time here to share with everyone reading, but it got to be too hard. And this blog post turned into a slight novella. Just know that there are so many moments etched into my heart and soul from my days in DC.

But its time for something new. It’s time to create new memories and have new experiences and have new moments. It’s time to go back home. Back to a familiar city, but a city that will actually be pretty new to me in many ways. Change is something that is always overwhelming for me so I’ll never feel readyΒ ready to leave, but I know I’m ready as I’ll ever be.

So let’s do this.

See you soon, Boston.

Goodbye, DC. I have loved you.

Thank you to everyone that made this place special for me xx.Dupont

6 thoughts on “Goodbye DC

  1. Can’t wait to welcome you back into the arms of this family that loves you so very much. On the other hand I love the life you made while in DC and a little sad you will leave it behind. I love you dearly and can’t wait to hug you!


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