New Job Week One

BostonSunsetSummary of my first week of work in a new city told ala stream of consciousness:

Day 1: Do I look like I’ve never ridden public transportation before- I feel like I haven’t even though I have / Does everyone on this train platform think I’m a phony? / Act like you’re not / Walk with your head up / You got this /  You’re a big girl / Crap crap crap I don’t really know this neighborhood / I don’t want to be late / I need to use google maps on my phone to navigate myself to where I’m supposed to be going / This is weird / Am I doing the right thing(s) / Did I just sound like an idiot? / I hate asking dumb questions / I hate that I don’t know where all of the things are that I need to do my job / I don’t even know where to put my backpack / Am I just in EVERYONE’S way? / Everyone is nice but hopefully they aren’t just trying to be nice / I’m just going to keep telling everyone that I’m their girl for whatever they need / I’m tired //

Day 2: Okay you’re a seasoned PRO on this train- you know how the whole thang works / Look at me I’m an adult / Now try to find where you’re going without using your phone / Alright you can glance at your phone once to make sure you’re headed in the right direction / Look! I found where I work with minimal assistance / Maybe I’ll even try to go in a different entrance today / I’m so fancy- I know where everything is at this place / Okay yeah I still have zero access to a printer so I guess I’ll make friends with someone who has one and beg them to print me out the things I need / Feel anxious sending emails / Do people even know who I am yet? Are they thinking who the hell is THAT girl? / Be trained further and feel like I have a better idea of what I’m doing every day / Wonder if I’ll end up being up to the task / Write everything down / Remember all the names / Forget half of them / Send another email anxiously / I’m so tired / I feel so lucky to be in this city especially when its so beautiful outside //Vegetables

Day 3: I OWN this train- step aside commuters / Basically glide over to work / Have someone look at me like they have no idea who I am / Introduce myself- crisis averted / I think I actually already have work friends? / These people are fun and make me laugh / I’m almost certain everyone doesn’t hate me and want me out of there / Still no responses on those emails I sent- they definitely hated them and think I’m a n00b / Walk around the neighborhood on my lunch break and get a sense for where I actually am / I’ve found the nearest Dunkin Donuts and CVS- that’s all you really need, right? / Type up everything I wrote down yesterday and the day before to try to process it all / Remember all the names / Forget a fourth of them / Leave a little later because I know my way to the train station by heart and can walk a little faster / Ride home with the regulars //

Day 4: Have to take a new route to work in order to attend a training / But I mean whatever, I totally know where I’m going / Haven’t you heard? I’m a master of the T / Yeah so I got slightly lost but I’m going to just play it cool and act like I meant to take a longer route to this place / Realize I really love my job / It hits me that I also just really love the company I work for / Help train nice people and learn the tricks of the trade / Feel like I actually belong / Still though, I’m really tired / Oh the train is delayed an unknown amount of time? Cool, thanks //

Day 5: Alright this is becoming routine. Not in a bad way- in a way that makes me feel like I actually have a purpose and know what I’m doing / Wearing my headphones and listening to music during my commute for the first time since I started- THAT’S how you know I’m confident in my ability to get where I’m supposed to be / I’m 95% sure I have work friends and people like me / I’m 95% sure I’m doing the right things / After training with an experienced person with my same position- realize I have my work cut out for me / Still sorta feel like I’m doing the wrong things most of the time even if I’m not / Toeing the line of how much I can ask for without annoying people / Trying to carve a place for myself in a new work environment is tough / Holy cow is this city beautiful / Holy cow is the company I work for really great / Holy cow I feel all the feels / Tired oh so very tired //


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