Beyond Dunks


How do YOU spell the word doughnut? The proper way as I just wrote? Or are you a Dunkin girl like me who at some point had your mind blown that donut was not the actual factual way to spell it? I want to spell it donut because it’s shorter- more to the point- what’s familiar to me- closer in spelling to how I say the word out loud- but I feel like I can’t because I’m an educated young woman (that’s what they tell me) who should definitely know the dictionary-correct way to spell doughnut/donut #thestruggleisreal

If you couldn’t guess, this post is about donuts doughnuts. One of the better things to be writing about on a Monday.

I think I went almost two full years without eating a doughnut. 2012-2014 to be precise. Obviously I know the years because this is a huge deal. There might have been one lonely doughnut in there somewhere… I can’t really remember. But if there was, it was just that, one doughnut. That’s it. They just didn’t fit into my crazy person calorie counting lifestyle- they didn’t fit into my orthorexic perception of good and bad food. They were bad and I avoided bad like the plague.

Now that I’m a real human again and far from the frantic days of worrying about food… doughnuts are back, baby! Not all the time- my stomach would hurt way too much- but I feel free to eat them and love them and have them from time to time.

And now that I’m back in Boston, loving doughnuts has become a whole lot more accessible. I grew up eating dunkin donuts- their boston creme doughnut was one of my first true loves. They’re the ones that really shaped my relationship with the delicious doughnut. But my palette has become more refined than the one of 10-year old Allison. Don’t get me wrong, I could definitely put back a few dunkin donuts, but my allegiance to the almighty dunks has dissipated a bit in favor of fresher and tastier doughnuts.

Before you tar and feather me for spewing straight up bostonian blasphemy- hear me out.

With places like Blackbird Doughnuts and Union Square Doughnuts existing in the hub of the universe (that’s Boston if you were unclear), it’s almost impossible to opt for a dunkin donut if you’re in the near vicinity of one of these places. They’re just SO good! Made in house, crafted in small batches, and so many gourmet/fun flavors- they’re both just so dreamy. I can hardly stand it.

I’ve had one doughnut from each place and have yet to try to decide which one is better. I had a coffee and bacon doughnut from Blackbird and a raspberry jam filled lemon glazed one from Union Square. Both amazing. But they were too different for me to do a direct comparison of them. I also ate them both too fast to examine the details about what made them special. SO I think this means I need to do more research (twist my arm why dontcha)- try similar ish flavors from each place and compare/contrast.

Do you live in the Boston area? Where are the best doughnuts? Spill.

Are you team Blackbird or team Union Square?

Donut or doughnut?

Let me know.


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