August Collection


I was determined to get an August Collection posted before the month ends! It’s happening! Albeit, a little late in the game… but tbh, the things I’m sharing this month are sort of evergreen. They’re good all the time. BUT they are the things that I’ve been especially loving lately.

1. Chunks of Energy: these little miracle bites- lemme tell ya. At the WFM that I work at, we have a big, beautiful, expansive bulk section full of lots of treats. These guys taste dessert-y but they’re packed with stuff that’s really good for you. I’ve been buying several of them for an afternoon or mid-morning snack practically every other day. I like the cacao goji ones best (they don’t contain any grains). The lemon pomegranate ones are a close second.

2. Edible // Boston: I used to LOVE the DC version of Edible. I had no idea it was a country wide thing with versions being published in all different cities. So of course they have a Boston edition! It focuses on the local food scene- which I love and am dying to learn more about around here. It’s little things like this that make me feel more and more like I actually live here (imagine a gif of Damien yelling she doesn’t even go here!… that plays in my head whenever I’m doubting the believability- is that a word?- that I live in Massachusetts and know what I’m doing).StateStreet

3. A-line Tank from Gap: this was TOTALLY a last minute purchase one day at GAP when they were having a big ol’ sale for cardholders. And yet, it is by far one of my favorite articles of clothing in my closet. It has a great shape, the material is soft, it’s light/breezy, and its all around perfect for warm days where you don’t want a tight shirt clinging to you. It also looks good with a cardigan/jacket/blazer over it.

4. New Bike: one of the first things I got when I moved home was a new bike as a belated birthday present (thanks to my parents!). I love it! It’s so sleek and light and fun to ride. I’ve ridden it to the train station a handful of times as part of my new commute. It’s like a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike- a hybrid if you will. I won’t because I think saying I have a hybrid bike makes me sound like a tool.

5. Yellow Sneakers: these friends were a belated birthday present from my grandparents! They’re so bright and intense- I love them! They’re especially good for around here where the streets are darker. I love Brooks sneaks- their Glycerin 12 version has become my go-to. They’re really good for people who supinate (feet roll to the outside edges) like me. They also have a lot of comfort to protect my plantar fasciitis from striking again. I’ve only worked out worked out (excluding walking and stretching) three times this month… and I have to say, being able to wear these sneakers was a huge motivation to workout all three of those times.

6. Organic Grapes: purple/red grapes will forever be one of my favorite fruits. Juicy, cold, crisp grapes om nom nom. For a good eight months I couldn’t find organic grapes anywhere. It was the saddest thing. Grapes tend to be one of the more highly pesticided (not a word, but I’m using it) fruits so they’re a good one to always buy organic (if you’re into avoiding eating chemicals). I haven’t had trouble finding organic grapes this summer at all! Because I’m afraid of them disappearing again, I’ve been hoarding them and buying them pretty much every week.PublicGarden

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