Bowl of the Week

Bowl2The name of the game this week has been QUICK! THROW SOMETHING TOGETHER!

I spent Labor Day Weekend on a needed + fun vacation in Ocean City, Maryland with my best friends. It was the best but it came and went in a flash. Before I knew it, it was Monday night and I was scrambling to get myself together before work the next morning. Needless to say, I had no time to prepare any food for me to eat during the week like I normally do. I had luckily squirreled away a siggi’s yogurt and some granola to have on Tuesday morning- but I knew come Wednesday- I’d be bummin.

It’s weeks like this where I feel really lucky to work at a grocery store. On my way home from work on Tuesday, I grabbed a couple of items from Whole Foods to make my life easier. With some of their already cooked items, I was able to throw a bowl of goodness together the next morning REAL quick. I ate this concoction for breakfast but you could eat it any time of the day, really.


Here’s what’s in this bowl:

  • Pureed Butternut Squash- the WFM that I work at almost always has pureed butternut squash in small to go containers. And the only thing in the squash is a little bit of lemon juice and salt. No oil or other crazy stuff. I prefer my own roasted and blended squash- but this works in a pinch big time. There’s probably about two cups of squash per small container- perfect for 2 meals 4 me.
  • Applegate Chicken Apple Sausages- last week I had time to make my own breakfast sausage patties, and this week I relied on already made ones. You can read the ingredient label from these guys down below- nothing too funky in there. I like the apple variety for this bowl because the sweetness pairs well with the squash.
  • Roasted Brussels- I grabbed these off our hot bar and put them in a to-go container. These weren’t roasted in any oil- just straight up. In my life, brussels go with everything and after a weekend of vacation where I didn’t eat too many veggies… I was jonesing for some brussels.

SO this morning, I scooped out one cup of the squash into a bowl and doctored it up with some sea salt, cinnamon, and my secret ingredient- melted coconut butter! I knew I needed some healthy fats with breakfast as both the squash and the brussels weren’t cooked with any and so my weapon of choice was ooey gooey coconut butter.Bowl2.3Coconut butter is just pureed coconut meat- but there is something about it that is just so. good. It adds a decadence to whatever it is you’re adding it into or slathering it on. It’s solid at room temperature and so I either heat it in a warm water bath or nuke it for twenty-thirty seconds in the microwave.Bowl2.2I topped the squash with about a 1/2 cup or so of roasted brussels sprout and heated this combo up in the microwave. Once warmed through, I topped it with two pan seared sausages, sliced (that you could also just cook in the microwave too).Bowl2.4All together now!Bowl2.1There is less than 100 calories in one cup of pureed butternut squash. Because that’s not very calorie dense, I paired it with two sausages to bulk up the bowl. If I were eating the sausages with potatoes, I probably would have only had one sausage as potatoes are starchier, more filling, and higher in calories.

Coconut butter has about the same calories per spoonful as nut butters (~90 per tablespoon). I like my breakfasts to be around 500-600 calories and so with the squash + two sausages + brussels + tbs. of coconut butter, I hit that range perfectly. Meals for me are the best when they include something carby but not too carby + protein + healthy fat + veggies. That’s my magic formula.

Alterations and Modifications:

  • You could use any pureed or mashed squash, This includes canned pumpkin (that would be SUPER easy) or mashed sweet potato. We’re approaching pumpkin season and I find that eating lots of squash nips that desire for less-healthy-pumpkin-spice-stuff.
  • If you don’t have coconut butter, you could also stir in a bit of coconut oil to get your breakfast dose of healthy fats. It won’t be as sweet and creamy- but it’ll do the trick.
  • You can use whatever leftover roasted vegetables you may have on hand. Say, if you made roasted broccoli for dinner last night and had some leftover- you can use that in this bowl. Don’t make it too complicated. You don’t have to roast veggies solely for this bowl. It’s meant to be an easy, throw together meal.
  • You could leave off the brussels or veg entirely. I’m a vegetable person so I wouldn’t recommend it- but the bowl will still be good without them. As long as you’re getting those veggies in
  • You could make the bowl more savory than sweet by using a different flavored breakfast sausage and seasoning the pureed squash or potato with spices like cumin, thyme, oregano- etc.

Choosing real food, even in a pinch, isn’t impossible.

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