September Collection

SeptemberCollection2Okay so the pictures in this post are horrible. I’m sorry. I forgot to take pictures this weekend (when it was sunny and perfect outside) and so I’ve been left to either take them before work (when it’s not fully light out and cloudy) or after work (when I have like an hour of sunlight) anddd I just keep missing the sun. So weird artificial light pictures it is!

Juli Bauer’s New Cookbook: I had been waiting for this cookbook to come out for what felt like And now it’s finally in my hands. Everything in this bad boy looks so good. Plus, Juli is just so beautiful and funny and talented that I can’t help but be obsessed with her #girlcrush

Champion Sweatshirt: Okay, this was a pretty random purchase. Champion pullover sweatshirts are like the ultimate cozy item to me. They remind me of a sweatshirt that you’d borrow from your dad or grandfather. They’re plain, nothing special or exciting, soft, warm, and heavy. They basically feel like a hug. I have a Red Sox Champion long sleeve shirt that I love, and on particularly chilly morning here in Massachusetts, it sparked my curiosity to find a sweatshirt version. I found it on amazon and the rest is history. I’ll be wearing this bad boy all fall and winter. I’m wearing it right now. No lie.

Juice Beauty Tinted Face Moisturizer: I brought Juice Beauty to the Whole Foods Market that I work at to do a back of house training for fellow team members. It was during one of these trainings that I discovered this moisturizer. It’s a BB cream that contains SPF30. The tan color matches my face skin color perfectly right now- it give my face such an awesome glow. I don’t really wear a lot of makeup and I love that this is just a moisturizer (made with quality ingredients) with a little tint to it so I don’t have to wear anything heavy on my face. And again, I’m not a huge makeup person so me investing in a tinted moisturizer is a BFD.

Sir Kensington’s Mayo: One of my clutch go to meals is a can of tuna mashed with avocado + mayo and then eaten with plantain chips or some Jackson’s Honest chips. SO GOOD. So simple and easy and there for me when my brain isn’t working but I need quick food. I used to make my own mayos all the time but lately I just haven’t factored it into my tight schedule. Andddd in walks Sir Kensington. It’s made with better ingredients than traditional mayos and one of the best grab and go mayos you’ll find on the shelf at the store. In the Boston area, at all the good fast casual places (including Whole Foods), they have Sir Kensington’s condiments in dispensers. LOVE. My new fave place B.Good has them and I love dunking half a sweet potato fry in mayo and the other half in ketchup. Okay- too much information. I hear ya.

Organic Living Superfoods’ Sprouted Macadamia Nuts: Alright. I’m not usually one to spend eight bucks on a tiny bag of sprouted nuts. Okay. Maybe I am that person because I love stuff like that. BUT HEAR ME OUT. These things are so addicting and good. They’re literally just sprouted macadamia’s with date paste stuff on them. My body reacts to sprouted nuts so much better than unsprouted nuts andddd these things are delicious! The people who run the company are really cool too and they’re basically the ones that sold me on deez nuts. We sell em at Whole Foods, but I know you can find some of their products at South Station as well.

BSC Membership: I’m not going to lie. I really miss my gym in DC. I’ve had to swallow the fact that pretty much nowhere else is going to compare to what I had there. SO I finally bit the bullet and joined Boston Sports Club. Mainly because they have a pool and one of my goals before I’m 30 is to be a good swimmer. My routine recently has included weights/strength stuff + swimming. I’m digging it right now.


What are you digging these days?

Have you tried any of the things I mentioned in this post?

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