Where Have I Been

20151015_103144Oh I have a blog? Ha ha HA. Good one. If I were to say I did- would you believe me? Probs not, right? Seeing as its been almost a month since I last posted anything… yeah…. about that.

You see, my life has been sort of crazy since June 30 (forever ago at this point). That’s the day I accepted a new job in Boston and started winding down my time in Washington, DC. That’s the day I knew that the rest of my year was going to be far from normal and routine.

Since then I have turned 25, ended a job, moved out of a city that I lived in for seven years, moved back to Massachusetts, lived with my grandparents for two months, signed the lease for a new apartment in Somerville on a Thursday, got laid off from my job on a Friday, moved into my apartment, fought for another position at my work, interviewed and got said position at my work, bought #allthethings at IKEA, and tried to climb out of way too many cardboard moving and furniture boxes.

All while trying to balance the things that are important to me in life: friends, family, boyfriend, baseball, food, spending time outside, writing, creating, and moving.20151015_111844Silly little me thought that I would be the first person ever to move and start a new job WHILE maintaining a normal workout schedule, continuing to cook all my meals, blogging on a regular basis, and having plenty of relaxing-me-time!


Yeah okay, kid.

Turns out I wouldn’t be making history like I thought.

Because the BIG things in life have to take up so much of my time these days, I have less time for the little things. So I have to choose wisely what little things I’m going to invest my free time into. Without a doubt I always choose: friends, family, boyfriend, food and time outside. Those things are THE most important to me.20151015_113554That means writing and creating and blogging have fallen to the wayside. So has going to the gym. And meal prepping like a machine. Which is fine! I’m okay with it. It happens. But it’s just the truth of the situation. I think about blog posts I want to write and write them in my head. I move and commute with intention- always trying to get plenty of movement throughout my days. I choose foods that are going to make me feel the best both physically and emotionally. I cook when I can and plan ahead as much as possible as a way to save money. All that has got to count for something, right?20151010_185449BUT- friends, family, boyfriend, food, and time outside- those are the things that de-stress me the most. So they’re the things I make a priority even when life is hectic and crazy and dumb.

Yesterday I took advantage of a day off from work and the gorgeous fall weather and escaped to the Arnold Arboretum near Jamaica Plain. I rode my bike there to walk around- and then rode home. It was the best. It was like I put two middle fingers up in the air to the universe and took three hours just to be by myself outside without any regard to stuff I was “supposed to be” doing. You gotta do it sometimes.20151015_121525It’s the little things. Especially when the big things are a lot to handle.20151015_112301Now you know that I’m alive. I’m very happy! Just busy and overwhelmed.

And I promise to write when I can. Not because I feel like I owe it to anyone- but because I love it. And it makes me feel better to share my thoughts and words with the world.20151005_181531_Richtone(HDR)

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