Real Life Monica Gellar

20151025_172033-01We’re going to skip over the whole spiel about my lack of blogging and how I miss it and how I’m sorry and just start talking OKAY GO.

I love the last three months of the year. October- November- December. I really love them. The weather is the prettiest (IMHO), people are happier (thanks holiday season), the dark days haven’t worn me out and they’re still in the cozy phase, there are more celebrations and parties and get togethers, spending all your time with family and friends just feels like the right thing to do, you get to embrace your winter bod and just wear tons of layers, and THE FOOD. Oh my gah the food. Roasted root vegetables and stews and mulled wine- I’m in heaven.

One of my favorite things ever is to be at home around 4 o’clock in the fall/winter time, the sun starting to set, being all warm inside, candle burning, Friends reruns on, dinner in the works, family or friends coming over or home soon, and everything feels so nice. The nester in me flipping loves those late afternoons at home. I couldn’t be more of a Cancer if I tried (they’re homebodies to a T).

And that’s basically what I’m enjoying right now! But Chandler’s sarcasm is on mute and I’m talking to all you people instead of listening to him and Monica be TV versions of Will (my boyfriend) and I. Seriously though- he and I are too much like Monica and Chandler.

Monica/Allison: neat freak, OCD, cooks, bossy, lost a bunch of weight, likes to craft, likes sports, wears the pants half the time in her relationship, mother hen…

Chandler/Will: typical desk job that confuses people, technically an only child, sarcastic, awkward, not a typical guys guy, nervous in social situations, love/hate relationship with himself, bad luck, makes the big money…

Monica & Chandler // Allison & Will: friends before dating and live together before anything else more serious.

Could the similarities BE any more uncanny? Every episode I watch I’m just like damn! this show knows me too well.

Also. I just realized all of the Chandler qualities sound sort of negative. They’re not! I swear! I love Chandler! Almost as much as I love Will. D’awwwww.

Speaking of love- we celebrated our SIX year anniversary together last week! What what. That’s some crazy talk right there.

So between an anniversary and my favorite months of all time- I’ve been a pretty happy gal. Working in retail at this time of year is a little insane… but in a fun way for the most part. I mean, I’m helping create 500 holiday gift baskets. If that’s not a good time, I don’t know what is. In all seriousness, work is crazy- but its all worth it for the holidays. People tend to appreciate your help more at this time of year too because they have like a bajillion things going on in there lives. You showing them where the cranberry sauce is or the boxed stuffing is equivalent to performing a miracle of God to them. They’re appreciative and glad someone so beautifulΒ kind can show them where they need to go to get all their food and whatnot.

Or they takeΒ their stress onto you and make you feel like a total moron.

Either way, customers keep me on my toes and make things interesting!

On that note- less than three weeks till Thanksgiving! What are you making? Because I’m finally back home near my family, I don’t have to make my entire Thanksgiving meal anymore! Amen to that. I’m making some sides. I’m thinking a loaded mashed cauliflower dish with bacon and green onions. And maybe some brussels because I can’t live without them.

My goal before Christmas (yeah I said it. It’s coming OKAY) is to get our apartment decorated and put together for the most part. We moved in at the beginning of October and it’s just the final 10% of stuff that needs to get done. Like hanging pictures and painting and posters and Russian Icons. Anybody? Just me? Okay.20151109_171650I created a gallery wall today and felt super fancy! I thought it would be an epic fail. One of those things that seems easy but then you go and do it and its hard as effffff. But it wasn’t! And I like it. I’m into it. I didn’t use any nails- just these command picture hanging strips per recommendation from my friend Jen (she used them for her fabulous gallery wall).20151109_165037The weather around here actually hasn’t been all that cold so I’ve been taking advantage of mild temps and riding my bike everywhere. Once you get used to riding your bike around a city it isn’t all that scary. It makes you feel alive! If you’re thinking of doing it but are feeling kind of scared- try it! It’s invigorating- I swear. Someone I work with called me a badass for riding my bike to work whenever I can and I was like… well, it’s more that I don’t want to pay for public transportation and I’m barely working out these days so the least I can do is ride my bike to work so I don’t feel like a total sloth. But let’s go with I’m a badass, sure!Β 20151025_171654

And I’m wearing overalls as much as possible because… duh they’re the best right now.

And listening to hotline bling WAY too much but I can’t stop.

I promise we’ll talk soon xx

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