Fall Picks

Some favorites of my favorite season!

1969 Denim Crossback Overalls from GAP: they don’t have the darker color I own online anymore- but these are the same exact ones I have just lighter. Some people hate overalls- I am not one of those people. I love them. And I’m so happy they’ve made a slight style comeback from my youth in the 90s. There is something so light and playful about them. Anything to make me feel like a child in my very adult world is much appreciated tbh. Another reason why I love them is that they make people smile and comment on them each time I wear them- I swear! These ones are evenΒ comfortable too- I bought them a size larger than I’d normally go just so they’d be looser and roomier. I usually wear them with a tight black sweater underneath now that’s its a tad chillier outside. Comfortable- compliment worthy- whimsical- and cute. What else do ya need.

Sperry Saltwater Duck Boot:Β Nothing says, welcome back to New England more than a fresh pair of Sperry’s. And these ones are made to weather colder temps and water. Not only are they wicked warm in the inside, but I can wear them all day and my feet don’t hurt. AND they keep out gross rain and muck and eventually… light snow/ice. I love them. They’re really similar to the renowned LL Bean duck boots… but I tend to have good luck with Sperry and I liked these ones. They’re pricey but they last and the quality is so good.
Cinnamon Apple Celestial Seasonings Tea: Ever since getting off of coffee (another story for another day), I’ve really missed holding a mug of something warm in my hands. It’s for that reason that I’ve become obsessed with tea. I’m not a tea snob by any means- it doesn’t need to be super expensive or high quality- just tasty and relatively well made! This cinnamon apple tea is unreal. It sort of smells like a candle… that you’d want to eat. But really- that’s how fragrant it is! It smells sooooo good. And it tastes just as good.

Pure Maple Syrup Candle: I sort of felt like a fool buying a candle for $15. It was in a moment of weakness where I needed to do some retail therapy. But my decision to buy it was totally validated when I lit this bad boy. It smells just like maple syrup (aka amazing) AND the wood wick in the middle crackles like a fire! It’s the best! Plus- it’s in a cute can. I got mine at Whole Foods Market but you can find them online too.

Roasted Fall Veggies: Roasted vegetables are what made me fall in love with vegetables. I can remember the first time I made this Martha recipe… and I finally realized what vegetables were supposed to taste like. It was an epiphany in the highest sense of the word. I was head over heels. And so, to this very day, roasting vegetables remains my favorite way to cook them. Fall and winter vegetables tend to take to roasting the best- all those earthy roots and sweet starches. This batch had golden beets, brussels, carrots, and red onions.

Clementine Time: Or is it ClemenTIME! I’m the worst, I know. Who doesn’t love a tiny lil clementine?! They’re the best. People lament summer fruits- bye bye berries- but I’m always reminded of how wonderful winter fruit can be when I see pomegrantes back in season and especially those crates of clementines. They just scream the holidays and home to me. Fun to peel- fun to eat. I never leave home without popping a couple in my bag.

10% Happier: This book man. It resonates with my so deep. Tina talked about it on her blog and got me thinking that it would be a good read for me- someone has the tendency to be anxious and stressed and worried way more than she should. It’s about this ABC news anchor who apparently had a couple of panic attacks on air and struggled to find a place of peace in his life after working in war zones, competitive work environments, and with an overly active brain that just wouldn’t shut off. I had never heard of him (I’m an NBC news gal #sorrynotsorry), but his story is one that I’m happy I found. He discovered meditation after a lot of soul searching and talks about how its made his life 10% better or happier. It didn’t completely overhaul his life and lead him to enlightenment- but it made things overall slightly better. I just like his realistic approach to meditation and life in general. It’s inspired me to get back into meditation. I had gotten into it earlier this summer but lost my practice in the midst of moving and getting a new job. Any extra mindfulness I can get- especially before the holidays- is really helpful.
And for any of you reading enough to realize that I never did an October Picks so this “Fall Picks” post is my way of covering both October and November- clap clap clap. Thanks for all sticking with me.


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