Love and Don’t Love

wpid-20151118_111949.jpgNormal, actually cold Fall weather (finally) love.

My boyfriend ate FOUR poptarts yesterday. FOUR in one day don’t love.

I didn’t have to be at work till noon today so I got to sleep in watch Justin Bieber perform live on the Today Show love. (even if he was kind of awkward and not singing THAT great tbh… still love him)

The name Marcus Lemonis- host of CNBC’s show, the Profit. Random. I know. It just sounds SO weird and I have to hear it every time I’m having a shark tank binge watching session (which is quite often) and commercials come on for that show don’t love.

I’ve only used the T four times since this time last week because I’ve been able to ride my bike everywhere love.wpid-20151118_110616.jpgApparently I have a face that reminds people of “someone they know” or a celebrity. Seriously. Like one out of every five people tell me this when they meet me. This week I got Natalie Portman and Marisa Tomei. I don’t see it. But Marisa Tomei is one of my very serious lady crushes so I’ll take it love. I think? I don’t know.

I started doing Christmas shopping and planning this week before figuring out what exactly what I’m making for Thanksgiving love.

On that wavelength: I heard the heard the Hershey Kiss we wish you a merry christmas bell jingle commercial for the first time this season this morning! love.

The complete OPPOSITE of that commercial… if I hear the On-Cor commercial ONE MORE TIME. I swear. Hold me back. I hear it at least twice a day. And I really don’t like it. Mainly because the song “for taste and more it’s on-cor” gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day. So annoying! don’t love.

The Patriots win over the Giants this Sunday was epic love.

David Ortiz is retiring don’t love.

Bought my tickets to see the final installment of the Hunger Games movies on Saturday! love.

TINA FEY AND AMY POEHLER ARE HOSTING SNL ON DECEMBER 19TH!!! If you couldn’t tell from the all caps- love.

On a more serious note: all of the xenophobic, self-centered, violent, senseless, hateful, negative, hurtful, offensive, and horrifying words and actions out there in the world right now don’t love.

The positive counter messages of hope, compassion, bravery, resilience, friendship, kindness, and love- love.


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