Bowl of the Week

20151123_192909It’s Thanksgiving week!

And there are three four things I need to make it through the next two days:

  1. As much sleep as possible
  2. As much water as possible
  3. The promise of all the relaxation and food on Thanksgiving
  4. Adele’s newest album

Have you listened yet? Ugh it’s so good. I may or may not be listening right now. Okay I’m listening to it right now. Her voice is so once in a lifetime. I wish I could dissect the whole album and tell you who/what I think of each song. But that would be WAY too TMI for everyone.

Plus, half of the songs on the album don’t make me think of real life scenarios or experiences- they just make me feel something. Like in a way that I imagine myself in a movie and what would happen as that song played in the background. Does anyone else do things like that? Raise your hand if you have narcissist tendencies and make movies about yourself in your head!Photo on 11-24-15 at 9.04 AM #3As I was saying, that album has been my strength in whatever moments of quiet I’ve had in the past several days. Because for those of us in the retail/grocery world… we’ve entered our busy season. Unlike a lot of people I know who are already in full out relaxing holiday mode- out of work- straight chillin- I’m running around like a mad woman making sure everyone has their stuffing cubes, green beans, and pie fixings.

But its fun! I swear. Yes its a little stressful and the days are long and some people are way too needy and terrible- but I like helping people figure out what they’re doing with food and making their holidays a little easier/tastier. Customers are jolly for the most part and it’s nice getting excited about Thanksgiving together- hearing about their plans, learning what they’re making, sharing traditions. All that jazz.

All that being said- I have zero extra time to take care of myself to the same degree that I normally do. And a girl’s gotta eat. I also don’t have as much extra grocery spending money because a good portion of my budget is going to Thanksgiving fare. This week I had to keep it simple.

SO this week, my bowl is a tupperware one and its fast/cheap/easy lunch fare at its finest.

Here’s what’s in this bowl:

  • White rice– I buy frozen bags of white rice (which literally cooks in less than two minutes in the microwave) and when I want to have it for lunches, I just put it in a tupperware container overnight and it defrosts on its own with other stuff. It doesn’t even get wet or soggy (or affect the other food in the container with it). I like the nutty taste and nutritional benefits of brown rice but white rice is easier on my stomach because its straight up starch. It may not pack the same nutrient punch- but it’s filling.
  • Mix of defrosted vegetables– This batch was kale, mixed mushrooms, and peas all sauteed together in some coconut oil, salt, and pepper. I also minced up some garlic to give it a pop of freshness.
  • Browned ground turkey- ground meat cooks so fast and its relatively affordable. It takes ten minutes to brown a batch. I simply cooked the ground turkey in a little bit of coconut oil and salt. I like cooking my meats clean slate style so that they can be versatile and added to different meals on weeks where I know I’m not making any fancy meals.

20151123_190742All I did to make this bowl was put roughly 3/4 cup of white rice in the bottom of my tupperware (I didn’t measure it precisely, just poured it in). I drizzled a little balsamic vinegar on the white rice and sprinkled some salt.20151123_192500After sautéing the vegetables and browning the turkey…20151123_19234120151123_192347… I simply added it on top of the white rice. 20151123_192924

That’s it. Carbs. Protein. Vegetables. Healthy fat.

Side of sparkling poland spring lemon optional. I bought it after doing my big grocery shopping holiday haul and was THIRSTY. It was my way of treating myself after a long day 😉

Don’t like what’s in my bowl?

Alterations and Modifications:

  • Want brown rice? Buy frozen brown rice! It cooks just as fast and is even better for you if you find that you can tolerate it.
  • Have more time to cook your grain? Buying dry grains in bulk is definitely the cheapest way to go if you have time to cook them. I didn’t have the luxury of time this week. Rice cooks pretty fast even when you’re doing it on the stovetop. You could cook the rice in broth to add some flavor to it.
  • Not digging ground turkey? Any ground meat will do- chicken, beef, pork. I prioritize the quality of my animal protein so find the best you can and go with that. You could even skip the animal protein and used canned beans or hardboiled eggs.
  • Use any type of vegetables you like! I love all the vegetables I used (which is why I chose them, duh). Use what you like. Or what’s on sale. Stores always have tasty blends of different veggies. I try and go organic as much as possible.
  • Don’t want to chop anything at all? Skip the fresh chopped garlic and sprinkle in some garlic powder for a similar flavor. Just don’t skip the salt. Salt is always necessary.
  • Need more flavor? This is where your pantry and condiments can really shine. Stir in some dijon mustard. Splash in whatever vinegar you may have. Squeeze a half a lemon over everything. Pull out those spices I know you have and mix and match a few. Use whatcha got to amp up the flavor.
  • When it comes down to it- prioritize your time and money. What do you have time for? What’s worth it to you to spend money on? Do you have time to cut up some fresh veggies? Go for it. Do you have time to cook grains and want to save some pennies? Buy the grains dry and uncooked and cook em from scratch. Don’t want to buy meat? Like I said above, use canned beans or canned seafood. Better yet- if you have some eggs in your fridge, hard boil those suckers and add them to the bowl. This is a budget bowl- both for time and money. Do what works best for you.

Have a Thanksgiving filled with gratitude, laughter, food, family, friends, and love. And take a moment to pause and think about how lucky you are to have what you have when there is so much evil and hatred and violence out there in the world. Use that moment to propel you into making more selfless decisions moving forward. Take care of each other xx


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