Bowl of the Week

20151201_083529Usually my breakfasts consist of some type of meat, sauteed greens, and a carb like sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, plantains, or the occasional ezekial english muffin. But sometimes I crave something a little bit sweeter- something akin to a big ol’ yogurt bowl. You know- yogurt on the bottom, fruit and granola on top + any other toppings you fancy. Yogurt bowls are all about the toppings. Go big or go home.

I made a big batch of chia seed pudding over the weekend and used it to create a few yogurt bowl style breakfasts (and mini versions for dessert tbh). And because as I said above, yogurt bowls are all about the toppings, these breakfast bowls had more ingredients than I normally throw in one of these recipes. But again I say, go big or go home.

It rained all day here yesterday and this was the perfect thing to cradle in my hands, all snuggled up against the couch while keeping up with the kardashians. Below is photographic evidence to you that I’m not lying.


Here’s what is in this bowl:

  • Chia pudding: I mixed 1/2 cup of chia seeds with 2 cups of light coconut milk, 1 tsp. of vanilla extract, and 2 tbs. honey. I stirred it all together in a tupperware container and let it sit in the fridge overnight. The chia seeds absorb some of the liquid and the whole things gets all gel-y and tapioca pudding like. Once it’s made, it lasts in the fridge for about five days and I just scoop some out of the container when I want some. I think I divided this batch into two big servings and three smaller servings. If you have more questions on chia pudding- let me know in the comments. Chia pudding got really popular and trendy so I assume everyone knows the drill- but I may be wrong here.
  • Whipped coconut cream: my house is generally cold enough that when I open a can of full-fat coconut milk, the liquid and solid have already separated. Usually you have to put a can in the fridge to get it to do that so you can scoop out the cream and whip it. In any case, if you’ve never made dairy-free whipped coconut cream- you’re missing out!!! Here is a great tutorial if you’re interested. I prefer it over regular whipped cream at this point.
  • Purely Elizabeth Original Granola: this is my all time favorite granola (gluten free or otherwise). I love that its gluten free but I more so love that it tastes so dang good. They’ve gotten better at having more chunks in the bag too.
  • Chopped pear: I had half a pear hanging out in my fridge- so in she went.
  • Dried raisins and cranberries: I have some raisins and cranberries in the same container in my pantry cabinets- so I sprinkled some of those in there. I’m a sucker for dried fruit.
  • Cinnamon: How could you not add cinnamon honestly.

The prep work on this one is where all the time goes to. You gotta make that chia pudding and whipped coconut cream. But once those are made ahead of time and in your fridge- all you gotta do is assemble!

20151201_082904Chia pudding on the bottom…. followed by chopped pear, cinnamon, dried fruit, coconut whipped cream, granola, and then a layer of beef sauteed with peas and onions.

JK on that last part. Just a reference to my favorite TV show. If you get it- you get ME and I love you for it.

Eat on a cozy lazy morning while watching one of your favorite shows. Maybe its the Kardashians like me. Or the Today Show. Or Top Chef (new season just started!!!). Or Master of None (just finished Aziz Ansari’s show on Netflix- loved it so much).

I love watching TV. No shame.20151201_083423Don’t like what’s in my bowl?

Alterations and Modifications:

  • Chia pudding not your thing? Use regular yogurt. I like siggis Icelandic style yogurt (low sugar, high protein) or any whole milk yogurt from grass-fed cows.
  • Coconut whipped cream too much work for you? Leave it out! I swear it only takes like 15 minutes of time to make, but if you want to skip it- skip it. It’s not necessary at all. I just love and really wanted it in my bowl. This is sort of the “decadent” element to my bowl so if you want something fun to add in, maybe do a drizzle of egg nog over your bowl for a special holiday-time treat.
  • Can’t find the granola I suggested? No worries- use what you can find or what YOU love. It’s your thang- do whatcha wanna do.
  • Don’t do granola? Throw on some coconut flakes and/or chopped nuts instead! You’ll get some extra healthy fats that way as a little bonus.
  • Need more flavor? Don’t just add cinnamon- add a pinch of nutmeg or cardamom! Add the zest of an orange or lemon (oh you FANCY huh). Maybe do a sprinkle of cacao powder? I don’t man, the sky’s the limit here.
  • Switch out the fruit: this is totally personal preference here. I used pears because they’re in season and I needed to use the half of one in my fridge. I also flippin love raisins so thats why I threw those guys in here. Use whatever you want- apples, berries (not in season but frozen ones would work), banana…
  • Want to go one more step? Toss the fruit you’re using with cinnamon and heat it up in the microwave before adding it to your bowl.

Gluten free- dairy free- soy free- nut free allergen friendly deliciousness. Take it, make it your own, and eat away!

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