December Picks


Need some last minute present ideas for someone you love? Still haven’t found the perfect little thing for your coworker, close acquaintance, sibling, etc.? Maybe one of my December picks would be perfect for what you’re looking for! I purposely chose all material stuff (as opposed to foods) so that it was as gift guide friendly as possible

So pop on my Christmas playlist and check out these goods:

Super You, by Emily Gordon: Will got me this book and I really really like it. Emily Gordon is wicked talented and has a crazy cool life. It’s a lighthearted read about becoming your best self (yes, something like that actually exists), which is something I’m always striving for. She’s honest about her own life and background, and uses her experiences as a therapist, comedian, writer, woman, and human to help other people find who they want to be and what they should be doing in life.

Old Navy Oversized Ribbed Scoop-Neck Tee: This shirt is my favorite article of clothing I’ve purchased as of late. It’s fitted on the arms and then loose and comfy every where else. I wear it with leggings around the house and with black skinny jeans at work. The fit has slits on the side and I like the occasional skin it shows when its sitting a certain way on my torso. I’ve been struggling with some health issues and uncontrollable weight gain in the past few months and so I really like the ease in which I can wear this shirt and feel good. Having a shirt that you can throw on and always feel fine is something important I need in my wardrobe.

GAP Velvet Leggings: Yasssss these leggings. Velvet leggings help me channel my 90s baby self. They seem like something Monica or Rachel would wear. In the best way. I’m also all about not wearing jeans or real pants these days- so anything in legging form that looks slightly more fancy- I’m in.

Peppermint Celestial Seasonings Tea: Last month I featured a tea and no shame- I’m featuring another one this month because I’ve become tea obsessed. I have two cups a day almost every day. I’ve been digging the peppermint flavor tea. It’s a good way to both start the day or end the night with a clean slate feeling. When there is egg nog in the fridge and I’m being a bad kid, I throw a splash of that in 😉

Bison Stuffed Animal: PBS Kids partnered with Whole Foods Market to create these different animal stuffed animals that we now sell in our stores. Over black Friday weekend they were all 50% off and I took advantage of the sale and bought Will and I… a bison. I don’t know why I chose him over all the other animals but he was just so dang cute! And now he’s the apple of Will and I’s eye. We’re obsessed with the little guy. His name is Beau. This is what happens when you can’t own a cat/dog in your place and your desperate for a pet. FYI: I don’t think they have the bison online- but they have a variety of other animals. And you might get lucky finding one at your local WFM.


Evolution Himalayan Crystal Bath Salts // Fine Grind: We sell these at WFM and they’re actually cheaper at our store than online. The big jars are on sale for $9.99 till the end of the month I think! I’ve been taking a bath a few times a week as a way to wind down and detox- and I love adding these in there for extra health benefits.

Bedrock Tree Farm Soy Candle: Another month, another candle. This one is Christmas in a glass jar. It smells of pine and is just so good. If you’re like me and love Christmas and the smells of winter- you gotta get this guy. I picked it up at WFM- we’ve been having crazy sales on stuff like this. Definitely stop by and pick one up for yourself and/or someone you gotta gift! I currently have mine burning because I’m trying to mask the smell of the lamb dish I just made to eat this week. My place has the tendency to absorb smells easily. And I’d rather it absorb the smell of pine and not lamb.

Scrunchies: Going back to my 90s life obsession… scrunchies. I’m so happy that they’re sort of kind of back. They were banned and off the cool list for my adult life but as someone who lives in episodes of Seinfeld and Friends- I love that they’re slightly acceptable again. They make me think of that argument that Carrie got in with Jack Berger about why his leading lady wearing a scrunchy in his book was problematic… and all I have to say is, STFU Carrie. Let a lady wear a scrunchie. I got mine at Primark– this awesome Dublin based store that has its only U.S. location in Boston. He he he.


Instagram Prints from Social Print Studio: I ordered my insta prints a couple of months ago when we were decorating our apartment, but I thought I’d give them a shoutout now because I think they offer some really neat gift ideas. You can order instagram prints, magnets, photo books, framed, posters, etc. Some of my favorite pictures are ones from instagram so I loved doing this.


MAKE Matte Lipstick // Jakarta (Deep Wine): I used to feel awkward wearing lipstick… until I found this shade at the Birchbox store in NYC (yes, that exists). It was worth the price- it stays on for hours and applies so nicely. I finally found my color! Wearing lipstick just makes me feel more like a grownup. It’s the little things.

Tunisian Jasmine Fragrance Oil: This was another lucky find I got at WFM. I used to try on the different scents using the sample bottles while I was at work until I finally caved and bought myself one. Every time I wear it- I get compliments. Literally all the different scents are so good. There is a black coconut, rose, musk, and vanilla scents that I also love. They’re unique smells that turn heads- I swear! I’ve been wearing it so much that one of my favorite scarves now smells like it permanently. Love.1450113603936.jpg

Happy gifting! xx

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