January Collection

Just when I set a resolution to blog more… I went and got sick. Boooo. I’m definitely on the upswing of things, but man, if my head could stop being congested- that would be greaaaat.

On a more positive note- I’m presenting you with my January Collection of things I’m loving! Wahoo! If I can get at least one post up a month, it’s this one. It’s my fave.

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Palette: I’ve already talked this one up with you guys, but I’m really obsessed. I use it everyday. A couple of days ago I actually started to feel bad for my Naked2 palette because I hardly ever use it anymore and it used to be my crown jewel. Gwen Stefani reigns supreme now.

Marble Pattern Leggings from H&M: These leggings. Let me tell you… I wear them every chance I get. If you’re one of my close friends, you’ve seen me in these. I wear them ALL. the. time. They’re a tiny bit thicker than regular leggings and I bought them in a size bigger than I normally wear-solely so they’d be super comfy. And they are! I wear them with a black v-neck and black, long cardigan… obsessed. Even Seth Myers has seen me in these. I went to a taping of Late Night last weekend and I wore this exact outfit to greet one of my long time celebrity crushes. PLUS these bad boys were only $9.99. What.1453640453700.jpgTaylor Swift WonderstruckΒ Perfume: I’m not usually a big perfume person- I use a lot of essential oil blends- but I got this one for Christmas from my Mom and I really like it! I’ve gotten a handful of compliments on it too. It’s girly and sweet- but not too teenager-y (if that makes sense).

Sumo Mandarin Oranges: UGH. These are one of my FAVORITE parts of this time of year. If not my absolute favorite. Sumos are the best piece of citrus on the planet. They’re basically ugly, giant oranges that taste AMAZING. They’re huge- so you get a lot of bang for your buck, seedless, juicy, sweet, and easy to peel. And because they’re kind of gross looking on the outside, less people buy them so there are always plenty at the store.

Bengal Spice Tea: I swear, I won’t have a Celestial Seasonings tea every month in my collection. But in the winter? I can’t help but drink a couple mugs of tea every day! I saw a couple of different people buy this flavor at work and I though, hmmm it must be good. What do these people know that I don’t know?Β Well the consensus is in- and this tea is the bomb. It has undertones of a chai like taste- and then lots of other warm spices like cinnamon and ginger.20160123_153646-01.jpegVermont Smoke and Cure Jerky Sticks: I used to hate the idea of jerky. There was something about it that grossed me out and so I never ate it. In the past year or so, EPIC brand jerky turned me around on the idea of jerky and I’ve started to enjoy it, but lately, I’ve been digging another brand that I found and love. Vermont Smoke and Cure makes these bomb flavors- their spicy italian and uncured pepperoni sticks are everything. They’re delicious. I’m a HUGE pepperoni person so that stick is the best. They’re such a good on the go snack.

The Healing Kitchen Cookbook: I already mentioned this cookbook on the blog, but it deserves a second shout out. I’ve made at least 10 recipes from the book- a few of which have already become staples in my kitchen- and I can’t wait to make all of the rest. They’re the best AIP recipes I’ve ever made. I love cookbooks in general, but ones that are practical- that I’ll actually cook from every day, those ones are my favorite.

BOMBAS Socks: Best socks ever hands down. They’re so comfortable, never fall down, are the perfect thickness, and breathe so well. I had bought the bright colored ones in the past, but for Christmas one of my friends got me some neutral black and blue ones- I wish I could wear them everyday! I only have two pairs so I always hope I can get them through the laundry and back to me quickly so I can wear them again. AND Bombas is one of those great businesses that donates a pair of socks for every pair purchased!

Eucalyptus Body Mist from Aura Cacia: I picked this up during a essential oil sale at work as a last minute grab- and I’ve been really enjoying it. I spray it on my body after I take a shower and before I put coconut oil all over myself. It’s refreshing and very uplifting. The mist can be used as a body spray or a general room spray.


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