January Playlist: Winter Chills

Alternatively titled, when old music becomes new again. I’m pretty sure every song on this playlist is old. Not necessarily old old- although some are (I’m looking at you Eagles, Billy Joel, James Taylor), but definitely out of date. Like, singles and tracks from the past handful of years. I don’t know why I’m coming across them at this moment in my life and playing them out like they’re the hottest singles right now- but I am.

I’ve been playing Ariana Grande’s 2013 album Yours Truly from start to finish almost every day. Same goes for Haim’s 2013 album Days Are Gone. I push play at song numero uno and listen till the album in through. So hooked its unbelievable. The other people who live in my house probably hate me.

But seriously, when HaimΒ sings the line, and if it gets rough its time to get rough, I feel everything. Same goes with the arrangement of Honeymoon Avenue by Ariana Grande. SWOON.Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.12.40 AMAfter buying Gwen Stefani’s makeup palette, I not only got swept up in all of the tabloid gossip about her and Blake (I adore their relationship), but I started to listening to her old solo stuff. Her music is so fierce and bold and some days I just need it #girlpower

David Bowie and the Eagles made their way into this playlist for more obvious reasons. After the death of Bowie and Glenn Frey, I couldn’t stop listening to their stuff and all its greatness. They’re both missed by me so much.

And Billy Joel, Bruce, and James Taylor? They’re simply classics in my life that never go anywhere. I’m always listening to their music and dreaming of the next time I’ll see them perform. They’re standards for me.Β Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.12.55 AM

As for the rest of the songs? My timehop app reminded me of my obsession with FourFiveSeconds and got me listening to that one again. And then everything else happens to be songs from the past few years that I love and recently started listening to again. Some were on my Girls HBO playlist (because yes, I have one of those. don’t you?) that I’ve been listening to a lot recently because the new season is coming back soon!

Anywho- this is the playlist I’ve been rocking to underneath layers and layers of winter weather apparel as I head to work or my adventure for the day. Maybe you can pull a few for wherever life is taking you these days!

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