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Why is every episode of the Bachelor two hours long? I never watch it when its actually on TV, but I catch up on TiVo and let me tell you… it takes me a minimum of three days to get through one episode. That’s with me fast forwarding through the commercials. I can’t for the life of me sit there and watch an episode in its entirety. Sane people would probably end a commitment that they’re clearly not made for, but no no, not me. I am clearly crazy. If I never had to see Olivia’s huge mouth ever again I’d be good- but I need to keep watching to make sure Ben ends up with Lauren B. C’mon. She’s EXACTLY his type. If she doesn’t win, I’m out of this show for good.

Can you tell I’m doing BIG things in life lately?

I love TV, but I definitely think I watch more of it in the winter when I can’t be outside as much. I’m almost done with the recent season of the Great British Baking Show and am dreading the moment that its over. In all seriousness, I’ve learned a lot about British food culture from that masterpiece.

Speaking of masterpiece, I’m loving Downton Abbey (SPOILERS)- can’t wait for Mary to have another worthy yet unworthy suitor, TOM is BACK, and the Carsons are too cute. The hospital plot NEEDS to end (over it) as does the never ending drama with Anna and Bates (hate it) and Barrow being a creeper- otherwise, Downton is pure gold per usual.

And I’m actually really liking The Real Housewives of Potomac! RHOBH has been kind of stale this season and its nice to have some fresh drama from an area I’m really familiar with- the DC references are great. I listen to this podcast that dissects the housewives franchise and the hosts brought up a great concept in their most recent episode. They said that they wished there could be like a housewives all star show- where all the greatest housewives would basically go on a long vacation together. They chose their all-star cast and it got me thinking about my own.

Definitely Vicki Gunvalson. Bethenny. Ramona. Sonja. Heather DuBrow. Someone from Jersey that I can’t quite nail down- but hopefully Rosie needs to pop in for a guest appearance. Nene. LuAnn. Tamra. Mayyyybe the Richards sisters? At least Kyle.

Who would be in your housewives all-star #squad?

You didn’t know you were reading a TV blog, did you?

Okay so I swear life hasn’t been all TV. It’s just such a destresser for me to become absorbed in a show. Like okay listen to this-this past week I recovered from a bad head cold while still going to work, found a dentist, made an appointment, found an optometrist, made an appointment, and set up the logistics for an MRI I’m having next month. That’s a lot of adulting for one week. I did feel really accomplished doing all that grown up stuff though. Not going to lie.

I wish I had a good “bowl of the week” post for you guys, but to be honest, I’ve almost solely been cooking from The Healing Kitchen cookbook. It’s so good and everything I’ve made is bombbbb. Think: bacon and date crusted salmon, blueberry avocado smoothies, cinnamon carrot mash, and pumpkin chili. So so good. I’ve been letting someone else tell me what to do in my kitchen instead of trusting myself. Which is kind of nice for a change.image

This weekend I’m going to the quarterfinals for the International Championship of Collegiate A Capella with my two youngest sisters and I’m like stupid excited. It’s going to be really cool to see that kind of talent live. I got sucked into the reality show Sing it On (which is about four different teams on the road to the ICCA finals) and it got me wicked jazzed about this show (thanks Michelle!)

And yes, we’re already back at talking about television shows. What can I say. IT’S MY LIFE.

I probably should start seeing some of the movies nominated for Oscars. I’ve seen none of the best picture nominees! Whoops. I really want to see the Big Short so I feel like that will be the only one I actually see before the big night.

I’ve been keeping up with the journal prompts I started from Life Captured. I’m definitely going to keep doing them for the month of February. The prompts were written last year but they still hold up and are timeless so I’m just doing them now in 2016. Today I realized there are only three left for the month of January.

Yep. It’s the end of January. Normally I talk about how fast time has gone by, but I actually don’t feel like this month flew by. I really tried to take in every single day this month and make a point to think about what made each individual day special as it was happening. I think this helped me slow down time a little bit. I feel like I lived January 2016 to its fullest.image


That being said, I’m a huge believer in the same “new year, fresh start” feeling that comes with the Chinese New Year and that’s next week! One year I had a really awful January and so instead of feeling crappy about the beginning of my new year, I decided that I would celebrate the Chinese New Year and embrace the clean slate that came with it.

It’s the year of the monkey. I don’t know what to make of that but hopefully the year will be fun and a year where calculated risks pay off and adventure is bound to happen.

Hopefully you all have had a fruitful 2016 so far- and if not- forget about January 2016 and hop on the Chinese New Year bandwagon. February has 29 days this year too so that’s an extra day to make this year good!

PS- I owe this post to the fact that I woke up at 5:30am this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. Oy vey.

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