The Bland Man

I’m FINALLY at the point in the “growing-out-your-bangs-process” that I can wear them down straight without them looking wicked awkward. Like, they sorta swoop in with the rest of my hair again!!! Insert praise hands emojis here! I loved bangs but once I decided I didn’t want them anymore, I needed my hair to grow as fast as possible. This obviously didn’t happen and I had to go through the struggle of dealing with a weird chunk of hair on my face that I didn’t know what to do with. Headbands! Bobby pins! High pony tails and buns! Keep those bangs back!

That’s the most exciting piece of news in my life right now so if that’s any indication for how the rest of this ramble session is going go… you’re in for a goodie!

It’s been either five degrees or snowing outside lately so a lot of TV watching has been going down.  After asking for days, when are the Grammy’s on? I finally had my question answered when I saw they were on Monday night. It feels almost silly to talk about things like Sam Smith’s apparent makeover or Taylor Swift’s overreaction to Ed Sheeran’s song of the year win after witnessing Kendrick Lamar’s powerful performance and Stevie Wonder’s plea for greater accessibility for the disabled. I love when artists use their clout as a platform to say things that need to be said. Which is why I follow Billy Eichner on Twitter. Okay, so he doesn’t say what needs to be said… but he definitely says what we all wish we could say. He’s the best live tweeter.

While watching the Grammy’s, I flipped over to the Bachelor occasionally to see bland man Ben take the remaining six ladies to his hometown. WHY did he take Amanda to MCDONALDS on a date. I get it- he does promos for McDonalds- but get outta here, Ben. That was straight up lame, Bachelor. When they ate that french fry Lady and the Tramp style? So uncomfortable. This episode further confirmed that Lauren is still my pick to win this whole shebang.

SNL nailed it with their Beyonce sketch this week.

And Jimmy Fallon + the Roots had me in stitches over this edition of their freestylin bit.

Downton Abbey is almost over and I’m not ready! If Mary doesn’t end up with this car racing guy I will hate everything. I just want her to be happy! The Kardashians season finale is next week too but that’s less sad because I feel like those women are EVERYWHERE even when they’re not their main TV show.

BROAD CITY comes back tonight #yasssqueen and GIRLS comes back really soon too. Portlandia and Survivor are also returning! So many favorite TV shows! Not to mention the Real Housewives of Potomac is still kicking and killin it.

This is what is getting me to survive this winter.

Other than TV (I swear my life is more than that… maybe), I’ve been trying to make the most out of winter by spending time outside in the snow and doing indoor stuff with friends. I recently had my best friend who currently lives in Louisiana come visit and we went to two different breweries (Harpoon and Aeronaut) and saw our alma matter AU play BU in a basketball game!20160210_20220420160209_19443420160206_15090320160131_15202720160206_143641I’ve also been writing a lot. Not necessarily on here (obviously) but journaling and trying to learn how to write a TV pilot (random, but something I’m doing for fun). On my half hour break at work, if its too cold to go outside, I’ve been trying my hand at bullet journaling and being more organized with my writing. It’s interesting… and definitely takes some practice.

Today it’s forty degrees and sunny and it basically feels like spring. It’s crazy. I went for a walk this morning and saw people wearing shorts and no jackets. Massachusetts is an interesting place.

Pitchers and catchers report TOMORROW and you know what that means… IT’S ALMOST BASEBALL SEASON! I literally can’t wait. Baseball season is the best season.img_16481.jpg

Also… I can’t stop listening to Rihanna’s new album. It’s my favorite thing ever right now.


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