These Danishes is Good Girl

There were a lot of great moments during last night’s Oscars ceremony but nothing made me laugh harder than Tracy Morgan as the Danish Girl or Leslie Jones as the Bear from Revenant. But the only moment that made my eyes well up with tears? No, not Leo’s win (although that was pretty awesome). Joe the boss Biden introducing Lady Gaga and then her killer performance. I can’t believe he was there and I was impressed with another powerful performance from Gaga.

What social issue do you think was addressed best? I thought Chris Rock did the job that we needed him to do. He nailed it. I have read some people saying that he talked about race too much- but I thought it was good he talked about it too much. It needs to be talked about too much. No one else is talking about it too much.

Who were your best dressed? Charlize Theron was so classic and perfect. Chrissy Teigan was glowing and so beautiful. Rachel McAdams was sleek and almost casual (in a good way). And Jennifer Lawrence almost looked like a different person to me!

Even though Will and I were just a groupΒ of two last night, we decided to have a Oscar watching party.Β 20160228_180234-01.jpeg

Just me and my asparagus oscar. And world’s comfiest pajamas.20160228_200922-01.jpeg

Our Oscar ballot. We each wrote who we thought we’d win and made a competition out of it.20160228_184316-01.jpeg

Coconut crusted chicken tenders from AlaenaΒ (AIP friendly!)20160228_184900-01.jpeg

Served with a pineapple dipping sauce, coconut rice, and asparagus. For anyone that follows me on snapchat (agodfrey33), you watched me cook this entire meal!20160228_184601-01.jpeg20160228_184936-01.jpeg20160228_211714-01.jpeg

And for dessert, apple slices with a homemade caramel sauce! (recipe for the caramel came through Well Belly’s email mailing list). I thought the golden color of the caramel sauce and the pineapple dipping sauce was perfect for Oscar night!20160228_211827-01.jpeg20160229_071752-01.jpeg

One of the best parts of watching the Oscars is reading all of the live tweets of the show. If you don’t follow Billy Eichner… you’re doing something wrong. He kills me.

If you missed the show and want to see who walked away with awards- check this out.

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