Shower the People

After all of the love and support sent my way yesterday, I couldn’t not post something about gratitude and the power of friendship today. Thank you- everyone- seriously- it means the world to me. Your kindness blew me away. I’m still in awe of it honestly.

Whenever I’m in a melancholy, sort of weird mood, I always listen to James Taylor’s Greatest Hits album (the one with the white cover and song titles written plainly in the center next to his name). It lets me be sad and reflective- but then it lifts me up with the positive message of so many songs and eventually some more upbeat numbers. It’s a hug in an album if I’ve ever heard one.

Yesterday was no different. I listened to You’ve Got a Friend and I just wanted to share it with everyone that took the time out of their day yesterday to reach out to me. And I need to share it especially with one of my really good friends who is going through a situation a million times more difficult than my own.

Because as Clarence tells George in It’s a Wonderful Life (a movie that has set my moral compass): no man is a failure who has friends. There’s never been more truth in a statement.

I was reminded of two things yesterday, 1) I’m surrounded by some pretty amazing people and 2) thanks to James Taylor, Shower the People. Shower the People you love with love- show them the way that you feel. Things are going to be much better if you only will. Your life will honestly improve in a big, positive way with every action of love and compassion that you give to the people around you. We gotta take care of each other, guys.

And after you listen to those two songs, be sure to blast Mexico because its Friday and we all deserve to feel good going into the weekend.

Thanks again everyone. You make me feel like a million bucks. You inspire me to be that much braver. You make me feel unstoppable.

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