This post is scattered with pictures from Will and I’s most recent hiking excursion at the Blue Hills Reservation

Feeling: Anxious- but in a good way (for once)! Really early tomorrow morning Will and I leave for Park City Utah to see some really good friends get married (and also go skiing and snow shoeing) and I’m reallllllly excited! I love trips! I’m reviewing my final to do list in my head over and over again- making sure I remember to pack everything I want/need to. Hoping I can sleep for a least a few hours tonight (knock on wood).

Drinking: Hot lemon + ginger water. I’ve been putting these ginger tea bags in my hot lemon water in the mornings- I’m pretty sure the tea is just straight up ginger in a convenient tea bag.  20160228_114032Eating: Homemade breakfast sausage patties! Grass fed beef mixed with a garlic/thyme/oregano seasoning blend + salt of course. I make a 2-4 pound batch when I’m meal prepping usually. I’ll freeze whatever I’m not planning on eating that week. I just pop ’em in the microwave in the morning. Easy and good.

Watching: The finale of Downton Abbey nooooooooo! So sad the Crawley’s and crew are gone from my life for now. Love them too much. The finale wrapped everything up into a perfect bow. And Girls! Loved the Japan episode. You go, Shosh! She was definitely meant to be in Japan. Also Jessa and Adam ugggghhhh they’re perfect for each other.20160228_113942Listening to: This is so weird actually… but an early Train album- Drops of Jupiter. I don’t know what led me to search that album up and play it from beginning to end. I remember when the single came out when I was younger and it being on VH1’s music countdown like, all the time.

Thinking about: One of my best friends. His Mom passed away unexpectedly late last week and he’s been on my mind every day since.

Working on: Trying to chill out! I’m about to go on vacation so I’m trying to not let little things get to me today. I have a massage booked for after work today too 🙂 It’s nice having a spa IN the Whole Foods I work at.20160228_114559Looking forward to: Spring. I’m a seasons gal and I can feel the weather shifting! Today is going to be in the mid 50s which is great for Boston in February. It’s going to be almost 70 tomorrow- but of course I’m leaving for a trip out west in the mountains! I know Spring will be here waiting for me when I get back.

Excited for: 1) Seeing my friends get married 2) Seeing friends from college 3) Skiing for the first time since I failed at it in 5th grade 4) Snow shoeing 5) Being on vacation 6) My sister Jess has her birthday the day after I get back from my trip!!!

Needing: A hug. Not in a major way- I just live off of hugs. Always need them.

Wanting: Time to fly today.20160228_114220Loving: All of the love and support I’ve gotten from friends and family this past week. After my really honest blog post and then me sharing an article that I wrote for Respoken on Facebook last month… I’ve never felt so surrounded by people that care about me. Thank you, everyone.

Side note: I’ll actually be writing more for Respoken so if you want to check them out, they’re on Facebook and Instagram!20160228_114003

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