Salt Lake and Park City

This past weekend, one of my really good friend’s got married in Park City, Utah. Her and her now husband (!!!) so graciously invited their friends and family out to the mountains to watch them get married and celebrate their lives together. SO not only did I get to explore a state I’ve never been to before, but I also got to be surrounded by love, friendship, and laughter. I’d say it was a pretty good vacation.

I’ll let the pictures say the rest:

I mean- c’mon- look at those mountains! I was in awe from the airplane.
We landed in Salt Lake City and explored the city a little bit before heading up to Park City.
Randomly, one of Will’s very best friends from childhood was also in town for a show (he’s a musician) and so we met up at this lovely coffee place called The Rose Establishment. I got this great mint iced tea (it was 60 degrees and sunny outside!).
It didn’t take long for me to end up at Whole Foods. This one was by far the best of the ones we went to in Utah. It was located in Trolley Square- gorgeous store!
I dub this photo- snacks of champions. Honest’s CORN CHIPS (which I’ve never seen before hence the all caps excitement), kombucha made in colorado (love trying local-ish products when I travel), sumo orange, and my all time favorite prosciutto (that we don’t sell in Massachusetts, booooo).


Whole Foods Market number two of the day. Not as good as one, but it was a five minute drive from where we were staying so needless to say- we were there A LOT.
Dinner at High West Distillery. Obviously known for their alcohol- but their food was SO good. I could have eaten three more bowls of the brussels.
Sunrise before a day of skiing.
Lunch post-snow shoeing at El Chubasco. It was this little hole in the wall feeling place. We got a ton of food for not a lot of money.
I really loved this tea/coffee shop in downtown Park City called Atticus. It had so many delicious loose leaf teas! And the vibe was on point.
See above when I mentioned the vibe of Atticus.


Rehearsal dinner (bride in white, duh)- stole this picture from my friend Liz, thanks Liz πŸ˜‰ The four of us were inseparable freshman year of college so it was awesome to be all together again so many years later and catch up about everything.
Before hiking one morning in Salt Lake City, Will and stopped by this place called Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen. They served my kind of food– brussels/butternut/sweet potato hash, homemade turkey sausage, smoothie bowls, and plenty of delicious juices. Mine had activated charcoal, lavender, honey, mint, and coconut.
What started as a woodsy hike that didn’t promise any spectacular views…
…ended up showing us ALL of Salt Lake City. The pictures don’t do it justice honestly.


Wedding time! We had to take a really beautiful, ten minute gondola ride up a mountain to get to the wedding venue! (thanks again for the picture, Liz)
All of us walking across the snow to the wedding venue.
View from the outdoor porch the wedding was on.
Perfectly decorated winter wedding.
The lovely couple sharing cake.
Brunch the next day in their beautiful abode.
The winter wonderland resort we stayed at.
Our final dinner of the trip at the Blind Dog- such a cool place!
The marg I got with a volcanic salt rim was SO GOOD.


Visiting the Great Salt Lake before we flew out.
And then it started to downpour with hurricane winds whipping us around. So we ran to the car.
And headed over to Spitz in downtown Salt Lake City to get the best loaded sweet potato fries on earth. The restaurant does mediterranean style food and so they have a lot of meats cooked on… spits. So these fries were topped with beef/lamb kabob type meat, pepperocinis, red onion, tomato, garlic aioli, and green pepper (optional feta).

I couldn’t possibly take pictures of everything but that was our trip in a nutshell! There was lots of outdoor time- skiing, snowshoeing, hiking- and fun indoor activities- bowling, seeing Zootopia, exploring shops in Park City, and finding ALL the Whole Foods. There were so so so many laughs and good memories made.

Trips like this are always a whirlwind and now I’m trying to readjust from living on mountain time.

Restaurants I’d recommend (all in Park City unless otherwise noted):

  • El Chubasco– cheap but good Mexican, good bang for your buck.
  • High West Distillery known for their alcohol, but they also have killer food. Get their brussels- doooo it!
  • Wasatch Brew Pub- We didn’t eat dinner here per se- but the rehearsal dinner was here! The place was wicked cool inside and the snacky bar food we had was good. I took a peak at the menu before leaving and their regular food looked bomb! I wish I had gotten to eat an entree there! They have a lot of uniqueΒ beer flavors like apricot and jalapeno.
  • Atticus Coffee/tea cafe and shop. They use these awesome reusable filter cups where you can re-steep whatever tea you get with water from home in the cup.
  • Blind Dog– looks like it would be a big chain restaurant type of place- but they had live music, fresh sushi, really good food and dishes that were so well curated, and a yummy drink menu.
  • Spitz (in Salt Lake) fast casual mediterranean style street food- very comfort food feeling- perfect for the rainy day that we went there!
  • Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen (in Salt Lake) food for the health conscious- super fresh, homemade, ethical, light but filling, and delightful.
  • The Rose Establishment (in Salt Lake) coffee shop that also makes food (Will got a PB&J and our friend got avocado toast)- very local, small town vibe, trendy, so pretty (both the interior space and the plating of the food), and almost too cool for me.
  • Whole Foods Market Trolley Square-Β (in Salt Lake) this was the best Whole Foods we visited of the three we went to. It was big, not super crowded, and had everything I needed. We stopped here after flying in to pick up some groceries and from those, I made most of my breakfasts on the trip. We went to a few other WFMs for other cheap but healthy meals on the go.


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