Where Are You Going

Where are you go-ing (sung in the styling of Dave Matthews).

The title of this post refers to the month of March. But actually, WHERE are you going March?! Where are you going 2016?! Earlier this year I was doing such a good job at savoring every day, making the moments count, making time feel like it was moving a little bit slower… and now its almost April and I don’t understand how. March has been the month that tipped the scale and made me realize this year is not different than the last. It’s going to fly by and disappear just like the rest of em! We’re already 1/4 of the way through 2016, kids. Soon enough its going to be 2017 which sounds gross. 2017? Must be the 17- it just sounds rough- cacophonous if you will.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. For as much as I feel like time is speeding ahead, as I said above, we’re only 1/4 of the way through 2016. Let’s look at that statement as the glass half full. The year is young! We still have a full seven months of election season to go through! Holy cow. I don’t think I can handle it… I’m already at full capacity on presidential campaign shenanigans. FULL capacity.

Alright I’ve already talked about the passing of time and politics… now I just need to talk about the weather to make this a well-rounded post about nothing.

Why has it rained on like every single one of my days off?! Friday. Yesterday. Not cool, not cool. But Thursday it will be 60 and sunny. Whatever, weather.

There we go.

I feel like my recent google searches sum up where my life is at these days:


  1. Easter: I think the google search item says it all (#foodintolerancelife). I don’t even normally like jelly beans so I don’t even KNOW what I was doing.
  2. Gwen Stefani’s Urban Decay Palette: I have mastered some of the colors and discovered some cool combinations of different colors, but I’m always trying to figure out how to use the colors I don’t use as often. 1987 is this bright yellow one that I finally figured out how to wear.
  3. Probiotics: I honestly have no idea how I forgot to put my new probiotics in the fridge. Oh wait. I do. I was excited over these coconut macaroons I found that were made just from normal things- coconut, sugar, and egg whites. They were $10.99 for a box (no joke) and seemed totally worth it. I know I can easily make coconut macaroons but whipping those egg whites into soft peaks is too much for me sometimes. SO, like I said, I excitedly bought these bad boys as a good alternative to anything dessert-y I might want to eat for Easter. I was so focused on them when I got home from the store that I put all my other groceries away hastily. Anddd threw my bottle of probiotic capsules in a rando kitchen cabinet for like ten hours. Potentially ruining the capsules. Whoops. Noob move. Luckily Whole Foods is cool and let me exchange the destroyed ones for a bottle of new ones the next day. The internet didn’t come to a decisive answer on whether or not I destroyed the probiotics but I figured better safe than sorry. AND you know what?! The macaroons ended up being HARD AS ROCKS and almost inedible so it was all a gigantic waste of time and money. Like… they were almost actual rocks.

Lesson learned: just make your own coconut macaroons at home stiff peaks and all.

I honestly wasn’t really digging Easter this year. It totally snuck up on me (see above where I vented about time flying by). I tried- I colored eggs and I bought beautiful flowers. But something just felt… off. I don’t know. Maybe its just because I’m getting older and I’m not as religious as I used to be. Easter is for the young and pious!

Maybe this is a sign that I need to have kids. KIDDING. Sort of. Maybe this is a sign that I need to embrace my inner urge to convert to Judaism (see above excitement over coconut macaroons). Less kidding than the whole “needing to have kids” theory, but still kidding. Maybe.

I’ve been having a lot of existential crisis type moments lately (see above where I suggest I need to start birthing children and convert to a new religion) and questioning what am I doing with my lifffffeee (along with where are you go-ing ala dave matthews).  I know we’re all questioning our purpose and wondering if we’re doing life right, but that thought doesn’t even comfort me. I need to figure it out! What am I doing! Where am going?

It’s too much. I just want to be as happy as that lil cat Bolt in his Arabesque blanket. Warm. Cozy. Content. Happy even! No problems in the universe.

20160121_194949.pngI would say I need to stop playing Neko Atsume but I will never stop. My boyfriend is allergic to cats and we can’t own a dog in our current home so imaginary cartoon cat friends it is!

And on that note… I should probably go. This is becoming a weirder and weirder post by the second.

  • Do you play Neko Atsume? Who’s your favorite cat?
  • Jelly Beans- yay or nay?
  • What do you prefer- coconut macaroons or macaroons that look like little colorful sandwiches?

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