End of Winter Collection

Spring is kinda sorta here… okay its really not here. But you can feel it in the air! Kinda sorta! I know it’s like 30 degrees this morning but that’ll turn to 50s later today! I have faith that Spring will be here soon (please please please!). Ignoring the fact that it might snow on Sunday and then be cold all next week…

I didn’t do a collection for February, so I figured I’d do one for February/March, these final winter months, as way to usher out the cold and welcome in the sunshine and warmer weather.

The baseball stadium featured this month on my calendar is Fenway and it makes me really really happy. Also, ignore my hanging St. Patrick’s Day beads.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m a seasons girl and I’m really ready for a new season to be here for real.

These are the things I’ve been loving in these final days of winter:


1- Fresh flowers: I’ve had fresh flowers inside pretty much every day since the end of February. They make me so happy. I also recently bought some mini succulents and created that little rock garden you see in the photo. Succulents are so low maintenance but they look super cute. My grandmother got me the potted tulips in the picture. The other flowers are from WFM (of course).20160325_1645482- Apple Cider Vinegar: I’ve been drinking a teaspoon of ACV in a few ounces of water 15 minutes before I eat a meal (per recommendation of Shawn- who I’m currently working with)Β to help with my low stomach acid and its helping SO much with my indigestion issues. I’ve had much fewer instances of feeling uncomfortable and gross during/after eating since starting this routine.

3- Fatworks Leaf Lard:Β This is basically the highest quality pork lard that you can find on the market today. I’m a big fan of using good quality animal fats in your cooking for both health and taste reasons. Fatworks recently had a sale on their products and I went all in- I’m so glad I did, too! It’s awesome to have another really good for you fat to use for higher heat cooking that’s not coconut oil. If you want to learn more about healthy fats, why our bodies need them, and Fatworks products in particular- check out their website for all the info!20160325_1645264- Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides:Β This is my all time favorite supplement. I’ve been using collagen peptides for a while, but I really like the packaging of this brand AND it’s amazing quality wise of course. Collagen is one of those great things you can add into your daily routine that doesn’t take a lot of effort (especially with this type- it dissolves completely and is tasteless in any liquid), but that gives you a lot of nutritional support in return. I thank it every day for helping my strengthen my hair, nails, and joints.

5- Victoria’s Secret Perfect Coverage Bra from Body by Victoria: I recently got a VS gift card and used it to buy this bra. It’s basic and boring looking (I got the neutral “nude” color) but its soooo comfortable. It’s not a pushup- simply coverage and slight liftage. I wish I could wear it every day. Huge fan.

6- The New Yiddish Kitchen cook book: Did you see my post yesterday where I said I was kidding about converting to Judaism? This addition to my collection isn’t helping my case. I absolutely LOVE this cookbook. It’s literally all my favorite sephardic and traditionally Jewish foods… paleo-ified and healthified! YES YES YES. Guys. There are so many bagel recipes. There’s even my fave… kugel! It’ll never be as good as I first one I had made by my bff Rachel many moons ago… but its something I can actually eat and not have stomach issues! Hallelujah. The book is so well done and funny AND filled with love and family. I’ve been waiting on its release for so long.

7- Essential Oils: These guys have become my best friends. I have a couple of blends that I use to support my current health issues. I use a blend of peppermint/rosemary/lavender/frankincense/myrrh in a rollerball applicator with avocado oil to help calm me down and sleep better. And then a blend of geranium, ylang ylang, and clary sage in a spray bottle with avocado oil to support hormonal balance and thyroid health. They’re definitely not solutions to health issues, but I think they’re just another small thing I can add into my routine to help me heal and get better. My sister got me an essential oil diffuser for christmas and I’ve been wearing it out!

8- Long Shirt Dress from H&M: I wear this guy as a long “cardigan.” It’s really sheer, long, and has buttons all the way down- so I guess you could button them and wear it as a dress… but you’d need a slip underneath it. Plus it has two high slits down the side. I don’t know, I just like it as a fancy cardigan. I’m gaga over the color combination. That plus the lightness of it just feels so springy. I got it when it was on sale last weekend for twenty bucks! I wore it on Easter and can’t wait till the weather is warmer so that I can wear it more often.20160325_164631The next collection will be even MORE springy! Yes… that’s possible.

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