March Playlist

Thank God the month of March has 31 days. Otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten this post in time. I know you’re all just as relieved as I am.

Anyway… so MARCH huh? This month has been moooooooody. I might even put a few more o’s in that long stretch. I’ve felt very rollercoastery. There have been some high highs- seeing really good friends in Park City on vacation, seeing some of Utah with Will (the bf), family time when my sister’s headed off to prom, starting to work with a NTP that I love, and the excitement around a fundraising campaign that we’re crushing at work. But there have also been some low lows- being very stressed out, being sick, many sleepless nights, and finding out that our landlords are putting the house we live in up for sale.

The weather sort of matches these emotions- one minute its 60 and sunny, the next its 40, cold, and windy af. Over it.

Last month, my playlist was mostly upbeat jams, but this one is a little more mellow. It fits my moodiness from this month. I feel this way about every playlist I put up here every month, but man, this one is basically like if there was a movie being made about me- it’s the soundtrack to my days.

I named it four leaf clover because I could have used the help of one for many days this month to get through. Instead of the luck of the Irish, I put on this playlist to help bring on the good vibes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.41.13 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.41.29 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.41.42 AM

I was even listening to it as I wrote this post!!!

Let’s get to how this playlist was inspired.

Gwen Stefani released her new album and at first I was unsure about it… but then I listened to it a few times through and became obsessed. Typical. Now its in the category of Rihanna’s Anti, Kanye’s The Life of Pablo, all of Ariana Grande’s albums, Adele’s 25… I can’t stop listening to it from top to bottom. Truth is my FAVORITE song from the album… partly because you just know she’s singing about Blake and it makes my heart happy.

This plunged me into a deep 90s alt trip hence why the Mighty Mighty Bosstones make an appearance here as well.

I hadn’t been a yuge fan of Ariana Grande’s newest music until Be Alright was released and I was hooooooked.

I’m also really vibing off of K. Michelle’s album. It’s really fun.

And don’t even get me started on Nathaniel Rateliff. That music isn’t usually my thing but for some reason I’m all about it right now. Wasting Time is such a beautiful song.

I also have been loving this season of GIRLS and I went on a music finding binge from the show. I swear this season is better than it ever has been. After every episode I’m like, no, that one was my favorite. I loved the solo Marnie episode, cannot get enough of Adam  + Jessa, and neeeeeed more Shosh.

One of my favorite songs on this playlist, Light by ODESZA… wait till 1:05 before you judge that song. That moment is one of the best on this entire playlist. It makes me really happy.

I’m still using TIDAL. Mainly because I know the second Beyonce releases her new album (WHERE IS IT, BEYONCE?!), they’ll be all over it. OH and TIDAL has the best pre-made playlists. It’s how I’ve been discovering new jams that I wouldn’t find otherwise.

Also, I love the new album spinning view option they added. I digggg it.Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.51.15 AM

But seriously, Bey. WHERE IS YOUR NEW ALBUM.

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