Bowl of the Week

I’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning. Sunny, longer days have inspired me to put more time into making sure all my stuff is organized. Every moment moving forward, I try to get closer and closer to Marie Kondo’s concept that you should only own objects that spark joy in your life.

Besides going through my closet, bureau, and entire kitchen, I’ve also been creating shorter, more actionable lists of weekly “to do” items regarding my health. I started working with this awesome Nutritional Therapy Practitioner named Shawn and she’s been helping me prioritize what needs to be done week by week. When you’re dealing with some type of chronic illness, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information thrown at you through your own research and google searches + the advice from well meaning family and friends. Some of its conflicting, and all of it is impossible to do all at once without going insane.

In walks my NTP. She helps me come back down to earth and create actionable tasks to adhere to every week that will help me reach health goals that her and I have collaborated on for me.

One of these goals is to shake up how I’ve been eating for the past… three years. While I’ve been eating in a very balanced way in terms of macros, it clearly isn’t working for me anymore. I don’t feel all that great and my digestion certainly isn’t optimal. These are signs that its time for a change. Not a major one overnight or anything… but the beginnings of trying to experiment with different macro ratios.

A simple, first step goal that I have right now is to make one of my three meals more fat heavy as opposed to carb heavy. Replacing whatever carb calories I’d normally have with fat calories. And seeing how I feel!

At first I was scared to do this. It took me a looooong time to feel okay about eating carbs in general after a year or so of disordered eating- I was nervous to cut back on them. But I reminded myself a million times over that I wasn’t restricting food intake (like I used to)- this is different- I’m still getting the same amount of calories- just in a different form.

I’m not going to lie, its been a great pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying something new. Yes, I’m continuously slightly afraid- I’ll always have mental weirdness about food in some ways- but I like doing something new in the name of health and wellness.

And its a hell of a lot easier when I have someone holding my hand along the way.

I haven’t quite figured out when I prefer to have my lower carb meal during the day… I tend to alternate between breakfast or lunch (I know I sleep better with a little carbs in me so I try to not go low carb for dinner). But I’m experimenting every day and trying not to let myself get too rigid with rules or anything. Tryyying to go with the flow and take each day moment by moment.20160405_094622-01.jpegThis bowl has been my breakfast this week and its deeelicious. And there are four different kinds of vegetables in it! #winning

Here’s what’s in my bowl:

  • Turkey meatballs made with chopped carrots, celery, garlic powder, onion powder, and chopped, defrosted cranberries.
  • Sauteed swiss chard in LEAF lard from Fatworks
  • Roasted brussels in coconut oil
  • Side of garlic sauce made from coconut butter, garlic, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and salt (recipe from Mickey Trescott)

I’ve been trying to lower my fruit intake (another goal from Shawn to help regulate my blood sugar), but its tough because I love sweet things. So my compromise in this bowl are the cranberries in the turkey meatballs. Not too sweet! Just a touch of sweetness.20160403_164246-01.jpegYou might be thinking… cranberries… turkey? What is this, November? Remember when I said I was cleaning out my kitchen… there was half a bag of frozen cranberries in my fridge from Thanksgiving so I decided to use them up before they got (more) freezer burnt.20160403_164023-01.jpegAnd then there are the roasted brussels. Totally a fall/winter thing. I know. But it snowed here TWICE in the past few days and has been freezing outside. I can’t help but not still be in winter mode. It’s like twenty five degrees out there right now!20160404_111258-01.jpegTo make up for the fall-ish ingredients… I added in some bright, sautéed swiss chard. I love me some swiss chard. Especially rainbow chard- those stems! Enough to brighten any gloomy, wintery, snowy day. So spring-y.20160403_162455-01.jpeg20160403_162812-01.jpegNever throw out the stems! You can chop them up finely and sauté them with the chard, you can pickle them, or you can save them and use them the next time you make a stock.20160403_160649-01.jpeg I might just be doing one of those things with these stems in the near future 😉

Even though I cooked all the veggies in some type of healthy, quality fat, I still need another source of fat to go with the meal. I was going to throw an avocado on it but when I cut into it, it was all brown- the worst! And then I remembered I had some leftover garlic sauce in the fridge! Say-ving-the-day!

I dipped all the veggies and the meatballs in the sauce! 20160405_094550-01.jpegSpring cleaning: out with the old (clothes, eating habits, winter foods) and in with the new!!!

Don’t like what’s in my bowl?

  • You don’t have to go all out and make “fancy” meatballs (I call anything fancy that has more than three ingredients)… make something simple- or fry some eggs instead and put those on top!
  • Don’t feel like making garlic sauce? grab an avocado and go with my original plan.
  • Not feeling the high fat // low carb situation? Leave out the extra fat (garlic sauce) and add in some roasted sweet potato.
  • Brussels not your cup of tea? STOP READING MY BLOG. Just kidding. Do whatever veggies you like. Broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower… whatever! But seriously, how do you not like brussels.
  • Can’t find chard? You can use any greens- spinach or kale will give you a similar nutrient dense punch.

Things I would do next time:

  • I totally over salted my chard. I love salt- but don’t use a TON like I did.
  • I would sautee the carrots and celery with some onion and garlic before adding them into the meatball mix. They were a tad crunchy- which was actually kind of nice texturally- but I think the flavor would have been better if they were cooked a bit first.

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