Feeling: wiped out. This week definitely got the better of me. Let’s just say, working two late night shifts followed by three early morning shifts is a recipe for tiredness.

Drinking: bone broth. I got a new batch from Pete’s Paleo last week and have been having a hot mug + ghee every night before bed. It’s not my favorite thing in the world… but I need it more than ever right now. Usually I just use the broth to make some type of soup- a more pleasant way to get it down for me, but I didn’t have time this week! I’m planning on making a batch of my own next week in addition to some soup.

Eating: Hopefully you saw my breakfast bowl post on Wednesday!

Watching: Well, I officially finished Fuller House and now I need more episodes! I wasn’t completely sold on the show from the beginning (although, I did love seeing everyone back together again and all the nostalgic jokes… and loving jabs at the Olsen twins) but as the episodes progressed, I got more and more into it. What team are you on- Matt or Steve? I died when they did the DJ/Steve flashback to prom. So precious.

Survivor! Guilty pleasure. I love me a good blindside! I was so happy with the outcome of Wednesday’s tribal.

I haven’t seen Real Housewives of New York yet so no one spoil the episode for me! Eeeee so excited!!!

Listening to: Jason Mraz’s Live and Acoustic album from 2001 . That album was given to me by my good friend Liz back when we were freshmen in college and it has saved me from some bad breakups, newfound love gone awry, family drama, and my own moodiness. I’ve needed it lately to help get me through this weird period in my life.

Thinking about: how to live my best life- how to get the place where I’m doing what I love- how to be there as soon as possible.

Working on: so many things I can’t share! Aargh- someday! But things you can know about… I’m going to be writing more about food on Respoken and commiting myself to getting you guys a bowl of the week post every single week!

Excited for: seeing Andrew Bird in concert on Saturday night!

Needing: a really good, long nap.

Wanting: for the election season to be over. So done with it. I can’t handle people anymore. If I have one more person say something awful or untrue about Hillary Clinton to my face that has nothing to do with her ability to be president- I’m going to combust. Similarly, if someone mouths off about politics when they clearly don’t live in the real world or have any idea what they’re talking about. Get those people out of here.

Loving: that baseball is back. Weird weather has screwed up 2/3 games but hey, the Sox are back baby. Our home opener is Monday and I’m off work… seriously contemplating buying a solo ticket and just going. I need Fenway to bring some life back into me. I really need to take advantage of the fact that I’m finally living in the place I’ve wanted to live my whole 2

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