Sunday Brunching

On Saturday night, the BF and I went to see Andrew Bird in concert. He’s such a delightful guy and even more so in person. His concert was so peaceful, just us sitting and listening to him whistle, play the violin, and be cute. Sometimes its nice to go to a concert like that. Especially when you’re an old person like me. Don’t get me wrong- Andrew Bird is wicked talented and his music playing is captivating, but his shows certainly aren’t stadium tour level insanity or anything. Just nice.20160409_212433-01.jpegWe didn’t get home till around 11 which, for me, is late. Getting home at 11 turns into this whole thing where I get grumpy, have to eat a snack, unwind by watching an episode of Frasier, and get into bed really stressed out about being able to fall asleep. Yeah, I’m a real peach. The same thing happens when I close at work and get home around the same time.

That being said, I let myself sleep in yesterday. I didn’t set an alarm and woke up at 10:30, which, for me, is late. Part of me was happy because I got so much sleep, but the other part of me (the productive part of me) was all nooooo it’s soooo late the day is ruined! 

I had to do something to feel like I made the day worthwhile.

I almost immediately thought, brunch! This is the perfect timing to actually make brunch happen. Not out, but brunch at home! Brunch to me almost never works out. Here’s why-

  1. I wake up and eat breakfast before 9am almost every day and so by the time 11 or 12 rolls around, it’s lunch. I already ate breakfast, I want lunch.
  2. Brunch usually involves booze and I usually don’t have time to waste a whole day going down that road.
  3. I’m a party pooper.

But a nutrient dense, soul filling brunch at home after a “late night” concerting? That’s my style.

Only problem was… I had the most random stuff in my fridge and no plan on what I was actually going to make. So what’s a girl to do but throw a bunch of old stuff together with something new into a bowl and make it work!20160410_114941-01.jpegHere’s what I had to work with:

  • Leftover roasted sweet potato pieces
  • 3/4 cup or so of bone broth
  • Packaged apple chicken sausages
  • Fresh fiddlehead ferns
  • Frozen kale

I wanted to make a soup. There wasn’t necessarily enough broth to make a soup per se… but I ended up making a hearty stew-like bowl of goodness.

Everything was cooked partially besides the fiddleheads and so I steamed them a little bit first before using them. Fiddleheads are these weird little guys that come around this time of year. They’re texturally kind of like asparagus, but they have an earthy, dark, leafy green sort of taste. But they’re so cool looking! They’re fun!20160410_115010-01.jpegYou have to clean them well though and get off the brown peeling stuff on their exterior before using them.20160410_120308-01.jpegI wanted to get a nice brown color on the sausages and so I tossed them in a pan with some ghee. Once the fiddleheads were done steaming, I added them to the pan too with some salt and pepper. After a few minutes I added in the roasted sweet potato so that it could get warm.20160410_121946-01.jpeg20160410_122138-01.jpegMeanwhile, I was heating the broth up in a saucepan on the stove as well with the frozen kale (essentially defrosting the kale in the hot broth). I eventually added the pan of other ingredients to the saucepan to stir it all together and get everything on the same page.20160410_122425-01.jpegAnd that’s it! Meal done! Brunch served at home with a side of Friday’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.20160410_123320-01.jpegI’m pretty sure these were the most impressive leftovers I’ve ever eaten.20160410_123107-01.jpegPro tip: to brighten up stuff that needs to be used up in the fridge, add something fresh to liven things up again and tie it all together with a sauce (or in my case, a broth). It almost never fails!

Pro tip: always keep a package of already cooked protein (sausage or burgers of some sort) in your fridge or freezer along with a frozen veg… you can almost always make a meal outta that.


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