Feeling: Well rested! That’s a change of pace for this section, right? Usually I write that I’m tired. I’m my normal amount of tired, but I’ve actually gotten real, good sleep the past few days (knock on wood). I’m sure the fact that we have a new bed helps! Will and I are both not the greatest sleepers and so its really helpful having a larger, better bed to ensure we sleep well.

Drinking: Water at the moment! Lately, once a week I try and do something that gets my heart rate up and I get all sweaty (hiking, a fun fitness class) and to help myself recover, I treat myself to a small harmless harvest coconut water. I forgot how sweet and delicious they are!

Eating: a low histamine diet! In my never ending quest to figure out what irritates my body, I’m currently trying out a low histamine diet to relieve some histamine intolerance symptoms I’m experiencing. It’s only for a couple of weeks to see if I feel better. Supposedly the decrease in symptoms is really noticeable so I’m looking forward to see if it helps! If I can decrease the level of histamines built up in my body, it will be easier for me to really fix gut issues at a bigger level.

20160418_180133.jpgWatching: LEMONADE. Ahhhh Beyonce. She’s so impressive to me. Her album- the music alone- is so raw and real. I couldn’t help but feel so much anger for her and pride at how she’s handled things. But then you add in the visual component? Amazing.

Besides that mind blowing drop this weekend, I also just finished GIRLS. This season was hands down the best the show has ever been. I loved it so much- I can’t believe it’s over already. I cried during Hannah’s moth story!

Broad City is also already over for the year noooooo!

Survivor continues to be so intense! So many blindsides and last minute decisions being made at tribal council that make it so flipping exciting!

Listening to: See above where I freak out about Beyonce.

Thinking about: all the things I’m looking forward to in the weekends to come. Having friends visit, hanging out with family, and going to Florida for a weekend in May!20160418_124136.jpgWorking on: finding a good place to get back into group exercising. I had such a tight knit, fun gym in DC that I have yet to find here in Boston. The gym I’m currently at isn’t very group workout centered at all- which is a problem for me. I love working out with other like minded, positive, outgoing people. I’m going to take advantage of new member discounts and specials in the next couple of weeks to hopefully find a place that I can vibe with. A place for yoga is primary target number one.

Excited for: potentially seeing the Jungle Book tomorrow. I don’t know why, but it looks so good to me and I feel like I have to see it on a big screen. There’s something about it that makes me really interested.

Needing: a massage every day of the week.20160418_114320.jpgWanting: a haircut! I’m getting bored bored bored. Plus I really just need a cut anyway.

Loving: having Sundays and Mondays off of work. It’s the perfect combo of days- they’re the two busiest days at work so I miss the craziness, it gives me one weekend day, and it gives me one day off where everyone else is at work. Today is my Sunday 🙂20160418_132208.jpg

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