April Collection

I had originally planned for this post to go out yesterday, but unplanned commuting delays yada yada yada I ran out of time in the morning. So I’m getting this doozy of a collection out to you now! Just in time for you to maybe do some weekend shopping, reading, watching, or wearing!

Normally I take my pictures for these posts in my living room, but this month I just had to take them on our NEW BED. Because my BF is the absolute best, he invested in this awesome king sized bed from Brooklyn BeddingΒ that we already love love love. We also hooked ourselves up with bedding from Lacoste (the most preppy) because it was the softest thing I’d ever laid my hand on AND it was on sale at Macy’s! Double win. I used to say that I wish I could live in my bed… and that was when we had our full sized one. NOW everyday I have to peeeeeel myself out of that thing. It’s the bomb dot com.20160425_173522-01.jpegOkay. Onto the other things I’m loving and monthly recommendations!

Old Navy Boyfriend Tees: I couldn’t find the exact ones I have online, but the one I linked to is similar. Old Navy has this whole line of boyfriend style, loose fitting, kinda over-sized tees and I kind of love them for my body shape right now. They’d be a little too boxy if I was thinner, but because I’m on the thicker side at the moment, they fit exactly how I want them to (not sticking to my skin like most women’s tee shirts). I own a few at this point- I love em so much!

Journaling book by Katie Dalebout: This is less of a book and more of a tool kit for journaling. You might not think you need something like this to do something as simple as journaling- but Katie makes your journaling practice more appealing, effective, and efficient. She writes from a place of personal experience and you can hear her unique voice throughout the entire book. It’s structured into sections that you can jump around from depending on what type of journaling exercise you’re going for. There are exercises targeted at turning your day around, being more productive, and getting your creative juices flowing (among so many others). I’ve been using the daily task prompts along with self love affirming prompts.

Love, Loss, and What We Ate by Padma Lakshmi: I cannot say enough good things about this book. It is seriously so good. I didn’t know what to expect. Besides watching Padma host Top Chef, I knew nothing about her before reading this book. And now I feel like I understand her on this deeper level because she let readers into her history. Her experiences as a woman were surprisingly relatable and they made me love and respect her more than I already did. I just finished the book and am really sad there’s not more to read.20160425_173731-01.jpegLemonade by Beyonce: As I said in my post on Wednesday… this album, guys. I’ve watched the hour long video multiple times at this point. Every time I watch it, I find something else to love. It’s so addicting to get lost in and listen to with your whole heart. The themes of the album are so powerful- you can’t not get sucked into her world. I pay for Tidal monthly- so that’s how I’ve been watching incessantly- but I think if you buy the album, you get the full length video part too.

Aromatherapy Animal: My bff Rachel sent me this little friend as a surprise! I had no idea what it was at first, but as soon as I realized it was a heating pad disguised as an animal- I was so excited! Not only is it a cute, snuggly bunny- but he emanates lavender essential oils and can be heated up in the microwave (or cooled down in the freezer). He’s so comforting and sweet. It was such a thoughtful gift that brings me so much joy every day.20160425_173911-01.jpegAtaulfo Mangos: These little babies. I had my first one about two years ago and ever since then- I’ve been obsessed. They are SO GOOD. I mean, all ripe mango is flipping delicious, but these ones are in season right now and alllll over Whole Foods Market. I eat them raw- gnawing the pulp off the pit, I make a lot of mango guacamole, and I eat them as a dessert with full fat coconut milk on some slices. They scream summer and warm weather.20160425_173824-01.jpegAsh Toms: I finally caved and bought myself a new pair of Toms after my old pair crapped out completely. I’ve only ever owned black Toms so while although these ones seem pretty boring and basic (noooooo!), they’re actually pretty different and exciting for me! They pretty much match everything and are obviously the easiest things ever to throw on.20160425_173801-01.jpegWorkout Wear from Marshalls // TJ Maxx: I recently was in a Marshalls/TJ Maxx and the store reminded me how good of a place they are to find discounted sports wear! I was able to pick up a couple of sports bras that actually fit me and are colorful and fun. Buying them reenergized me and made me want to work out for the first time in… a while.

I broke one in at one of my favorite all time workout- 305 fitness! Founded in NYC, 305 spread to DC when I lived there. And nowwww it’s in BOSTON! Yes! It’s basically like you’re at the club and dancing to your fullest potential- work-ing-IT. They have a live DJ spinning every class and really enthusiastic/sassy/nice instructors. They turn the lights off and so no one can see you dancing- they use bright blue and pink neon like lights to illuminate the room (so yeah it really does feel like you’re out on the town). Seriously, I suck at dancing but I love to dance so it’s really the perfect way for me to get some fun cardio in.

I may or may not be going again this weekend………


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