Feeling: Tired but it’s okay because I’m officially on mini vacation time till Tuesday!

Drinking: Homemade lemongrass and ginger tea. With going low histamine for the time being, out goes being able to drink tea. It would be sad except for the fact that now that two weeks have gone by, a lot of weird symptoms I was having have disappeared! YAS. My friend Jess from work told me about this tea they used to make at culinary school and after I saw a snapchat from her of her making this tea… I knew I had to make it. You basically just boil chopped and smashed lemongrass and ginger in water- and then let it simmer for like a half hour. I made a yuuuuge batch of it and kept it in a giant mason jar in the fridge. I really missed having a warm beverage to drink (and to mix my collagen peptides in) and so this totally scratched that itch.

Eating: I literally cannot stop with the rhubarb. I made another sauce this week with it (rhubarb + ginger + lemon zest) and a jam for a loved one. It’s the best!

Watching: Actually… not much this week! Survivor from because I’m obsessed like it’s the year 2000. But other than that, I’m still obsessing over the Real Housewives of New York. I can’t handle those women. In a good way. And then there are the Kardashians– be still my heart. This season is especially good because Rob is back!!! And bringing a whole bunch of drama with him I might add (thanks Blac Chyna). I’ve also been loving this show on Bravo called There Goes the Motherhood. It’s about a group of Moms and their lives- and they all go to a therapeutic Mommy group together. It’s entertaining and interesting.

Listening to: This new workout playlist I made that I promise to share with you next week! Obviously Justin Timberlake’s new single is on it. Just dance dance dance dance…

Thinking about: What might be on Bravo while we’re flying- we’re flying JetBlue so I’ll be all about that TV life.

Working on: Letting go (no Else) and not worrying what other people might think of me. That’s like, one of the chronic, top things I’m always working on in life but I’m especially focused on it right now.

Excited for: Being in Florida with Will and his parents! I can’t wait to relax and live in summer weather for a few days.

Needing: SUNSHINE and vitamin D. It’s been beautiful here weather wise this past week but I can’t wait to get a tan and to feel hot outside!

Wanting: an iPad. I’m trying to save my money for one and failing.

Loving: Two weird things. 1) This raccoon named Pumpkin that lives indoors with this family and their two dogs. He has his own instagram. I have so many questions for this family! 2) The American Bison was named the National Mammal of the United States! Will and I have a stuffed animal bison named Beau (you’re judging already aren’t you) that’s basically our pet (you’re definitely judging now) and so we were so excited when this news broke for our little man! (stop throwing so much shade!)


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