Move Move Move

One of the hardest parts about my whole adrenal-thyroid-pituitary-hormone issues situation is how much I’ve had to scale back working out wise. I miss being athletic. I miss being able to see an awesome workout and knowing I could do it whenever. I basically had to cut back on… everything and just stick to yoga (like, restorative yoga) and walking. This coming from a girl who worked out five days a week- running, spinning, lifting, HIITing, and bootcamping… it’s been tough. I get so jealous whenever I see someone looking seemingly normal, working out. SO jealous. It kills me.

Now that it has been six months since I had a regular gym/workout routine (again, crazy for me), I think I’m ready to get back into “working out.” Instead of picking up right where I left off and killing myself every day, I’m going to take things as slowly as you possibly could take them. Like, go into every workout like I’m a beginner starting from scratch. My brain wants to me to think that I can just do workouts that I used to be very capable of doing. But I can’t. And I won’t do them. Right now anyway. A huge part of the reason why I’m in the place health wise that I am now is because I burnt myself out working out too hard. I went too hard too fast. It was great in the moment and I got really fit, but my body is dealing with the consequences now.

SO I’m literally going to do the opposite now. Luckily I have the knowledge of how to do basically all of the workouts that exist in the universe- so I’m not starting from the bottom there- but I’m acting as if I’ve got a clean slate. I’m starting soooo slowwww that its actually kind of annoying. I’m going to spend the next two months building up my range of motion and get my ability to do basic biomechanical movements back. I’m basically treating it like physical therapy.

You might be asking, okay how are you doing this exactly though? Are you doing it alone?

And the answer is, I’m not doing it alone! I’m doing it with the help ofΒ Noelle Tarr from the awesome blog, Coconuts and Kettlebells. Noelle is an NTP and a certified personal trainer. When you sign up to get her newsletters, you get a free almost 50 page workout guide! It’s amazing! When I was looking through it, I felt like it was an answer to my wonderings about how I was going to pick moving back up again.

She describes six different basic biomechanical movements (row, press, squat, lunge, etc.) and has you doing 3 sets of 8-10 reps, 2-3 days a week. That’s the beginner plan. The same movements. Week after week. For at least a solid month.

It sounds boring and it probably will get to that point, but I really want to give my body a good baseline again. I want to focus on the simplest movements that will make me feel stronger and more capable. I’m not in a place health wise where I can do crazy aerobic workouts where I get super sweaty and out of breath. I need something low and slow. And this is what I’m working with right now!

Basically I wanted to share this with you all if you’re like me, wanting to get into a fitness routine or back into one,where you want to feel stronger in your day to day life. And then eventually, you want to be able to do harder, more involved workouts.

With “working out” again comes needing good playlists! Something I forgot when I started this routine this week. SO today I’m sharing the workout playlist I’ve been using!Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 8.35.01 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-19 at 8.35.14 PM

This playlist is really fun and powerful- its awesome to workout to.

I love moving and I miss being a gym rat. So even having this little mini workout goal is making me feel a lot happier about life.



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