Adventures in Renting

I’m no where near financially stable enough to even think about buying a house, but renting drives me absolutely crazy sometimes. The lack of control kills me. Last night our landlord gave us the heads up that there would be electricians working on the apartment above us today. Fine. It wouldn’t affect out apartment they said. But because the electricity is all intertwined in this house, them shutting off the power in the upstairs apartment means I have no power in my kitchen. No worries- I wasn’t planning on cooking today. I don’t have work till 3pm or anything so yeah, I had ZERO plans to do stuff in the kitchen. *Insert eye roll here*

So now I’m crockpotting chicken in my living room. Normal.

Notice all my plants are sitting on the floor to make room for my crockpot on the end table. Sorry plants.

More importantly, I’m worried about all the cooked and uncooked food in my refrigerator.Β A huge chunk of the money I make goes to the food in my fridge so I’m pretty serious when I say that my landlord owes me an enormous Whole Foods gift card if all my food goes bad.

But I still have power in the rest of the apartment so at least I could watch Keeping up with the Kardashians this morning. I might not have any food by the end of today, but at least I got to see Kylie Jenner make a cooking video on how to make sliders for her app.

What. Is. This. LIFE.

I took both Saturday and Sunday off this past weekend and it was so nice to feel like a normal person! I usually work at least one of those days and feel like the Little Mermaid stuck at work singingΒ I want to be where the people are…

One of my best friends was in town to go to a Red Sox game with me. We got to see a grand slam by Mookie! I’ve never seen a grand slamΒ in person so that was pretty freaking amazing. And Joe Kelly pitched like a boss. Seeing as we lost the last game I was at, this game was like the opposite! Greatly appreciated. The company didn’t hurt either πŸ˜‰

And then yesterday I just did that Sunday errand thing- chatted with my sister on the phone- and ended the night watching Mrs. Doubtfire with Will. Let me tell you a secret- he had NEVER seen that movie. Isn’t that INSANE? Sometimes I learn things about that kid and I wonder how we’ve made it six plus years.

If you saw my instagram post last night, you’ll know that I was being totally emo and eating by myself on the side of the Charles River. Plans I had for the evening fell through and collapsed in this obnoxious way and man, I was just SO over it. I really don’t understand people that don’t make other people feel important. It drives me insane. I’ve had so many friends in the past that ended up being horrible friends because they didn’t have the common decency to communicate with me or show that they actually cared about me.Β 20160522_174719Ain’t NOBODY got time for stuff like that. Because I had had a long day and was at the end of my rope- my cancelled plans pushed me over the edge into losing my mind. I just felt lucky that I could escape to the water somewhere to listen to some music and cry a little in public like a fool. But in all seriousness- being by the water always makes me feel better. As does therapeutic music (after listening through Carrie and Lowell, I made my way to Cleopatra by the Lumineers).20160522_174211I woke up feeling a million times better this morning. It honestly is amazing what a good night’s sleep and waking up to sunshine can do for a person. I’m just going to ignore the slight rage I felt when I realized my electricity-less kitchen for a sec.

I saw this tweet from comedian/actress Jenny Slate that brought me some peace.Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 11.48.58 AMYou right you right, Jenny.

And just like that, I moved on with my life.

And started crockpotting chicken in my living room.

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