May Collection

It’s nicer outside and everything is starting to feel lighter and more summery! This happens every year- somewhere in the middle of May, spring slips into the background and summer comes into focus. And I thiiiiink it has happened here in Boston.

My collection for this month definitely reflects that vibe- everything is very spring/summery. It’s meant for consumption in sunshine!

Carnations: I like to buy myself flowers and lately I’ve been addicted to putting carnations in every bouquet I build. They last for a really long time and there’s something so unexpectedly cute and pretty about them. I had a set of white ones by my bed and not only did they last for like two weeks, but they made me feel so glamorous- there was just something about having flowers on my bedside table that made me happy. This week’s carnations, as seen in the arrangement pictured, are baby pink ones!20160523_112615-01.jpegTurmeric Iced Tea: This is a homemade concoction that I recently became obsessed with. I made a giant batch of turmeric ginger tea at home by simmering fresh turmeric and ginger in filtered water. I refrigerate the tea and then blend it with some full fat coconut milk, collagen, and a bit of honey… so refreshing! I’m still working on tweaking the recipe- but once it is perfect- I’ll definitely share it.

Arizona Soft Footbed Birkenstocks in Taupe Suede: I bought myself a pair of these for the first time two years ago and they instantly gave my feet life. I love them dearly. After wearing out my first pair, I got a new pair back when it was all wintery to cheer me up and remind me that summer would eventually get here. And now its warm enough to wear them! If I was rich, I would own every variety and color of birks. They have rose gold ones and they’re on my dream list of things to own. But because I am not rich, these guys, while a little pricey, are a standard and a classic that I love having.20160524_095934-01.jpegPerennial Chic Essie: You can’t go wrong with a neutral nail. It matches everything and looks classy. I love the look especially when you have a tan going on- the lightness of the color just pops. Light pinks are so effortless and easy.20160524_100034-01.jpegBeauty Counter Sunscreen StickSunscreen has been the last body/health product that I put on my skin that I’ve started to think about in terms of what’s in it- what am I actually putting on my body. I didn’t realize how much junk is in most sunscreens out there and we just lather it UP all over us. Beauty Counter makes safer products that are toxin free- wahoo! I love this little sunscreen stick because its perfect for applying sunscreen to my face and upper neck/chest area. It goes on so easily and works really well. I tested it when I went to Florida two weekends ago and it worked great. I used traditional sunscreen on my back and arms- and the Beauty Counter stick on my face and neck… and my face and neck got less sunburnt.

Lou Lou Cuff Watch: I have owned one of these watches (different ones throughout the years) since the year 2010. That’s a six year commitment. They’re super simple- the bands come in multiple colors but I usually go with beige or black- and they look really nice for the cheap price of them. Lou Lou has locations in Boston and DC (lucky for me!).20160524_095921-01.jpegResistance Bands from Serious Steel: I told you a little bit about the workout plan I’m following per Noelle of Coconuts and Kettlebells. She has me using resistance bands in some of the movements and I’ve been really enjoying them. They don’t feel as hard on my body as weights can. Right now I’m trying to rebuild strength and regain proper form on bio-mechanical movements and so these bands have been perfect. I never really used to workout with them and now I’m wondering why I didn’t…

Old Navy Linen Tie Waist Shorts: I am so in love with these shorts! I’ve never really owned anything like them. Because I carry a lot of weight in my thighs and belly, I usually don’t like tight, light colored pants or short- they accentuate the opposite of what I want to accentuate. SO I was skeptical when I tried this baby blue shorts on. BUT there’s something about them- they’re loose fitted so they don’t leach onto your body- they’re soft soft soft and don’t have a waistband that cuts into your stomach- and they’re not crazy short but they’re not too long either. I wear them kind of high waisted like (up over my belly button basically) with a tight fitted tank top underneath them.

Old Navy Gray Muscle Tank: If you can’t tell, Old Navy recently had a major clearance sale (that’s actually still going on now on shorts, tanks, and swimwear) and I went hog wild. This tank was like seven bucks (and still is) and it’s the comfiest, most effortless thing ever. I like throwing it on over leggings or even with shorts to ride my bike. Part of my secret to how I get tan every summer is riding my bike everywhere in a tank top.20160524_100314-01.jpeg

Side note: these pictures look all nice and pretty and peaceful… but unpictured was electricians drilling into my ceiling trying to rewire my house basically. Good times. See Monday’s post about crockpotting chicken in the living room.



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