Feeling: like an idiot. I took meat out of the freezer to defrost and forgot to put it in the fridge before going to sleep last night (thus, leaving it on the kitchen counter all night long). Wahhhh. I hate wasting food. But I also hate dysentery.

Drinking: a lot of La Croixs. Usually grapefruit (pamplemousse, if you will) is my go to but lately I’ve been into the coconut flavor. It tastes like sunscreen… in a good way if that’s possible. I guess it makes more sense to say that it tastes like summer.

Eating: Ripe plantains! When I lived in DC, I could always find yellow, ripe plantains. In Boston, not so much. Every plantain I find is green green green. Which is okay sometimes- sometimes I was non-sweet plantains. But other times I’m craving a sweet plantain cooked in coconut oil and bananas just aren’t the same. SO when I saw a huge stack of YELLOW plantains at Whole Foods the other day, I had to refrain from buying a hundred.

Watching: THE BACHELORETTE! It’s really nice to watch dudes look like fools for a change. It’s so cheesy and silly but I love it. Everything and everyone is amayyzing according to Jojo… even Chad. I’m sorry but that dude man- hilarious. I’m still not over him eating all that meat. I hope his stomach is okay. Did he not see what happened to Joe on survivor? Dude had to be taken out of the game for eating too much meat at a reward challenge. Can you imagine if that’s why CHAD had to leave the show?

Will and I are also making our way through the second season of Unbreakable and of course, our evergreen, Frasier. I can’t get enough of RHONY and am still loving There Goes the Motherhood.

Listening to: Chance the Rapper’s new album! It’s SO GOOD. I could listen to the song No Problem like a million times a day.

Thinking about: the fact that it is JUNE.

Working on: my tan! Now that I have a base line tan going on, every time I’m outside, it just gets deeper and deeper. Bring it on!

Excited for: my sister’s graduation friday! Chvrches concert saturday! BEYONCE next week in NYC! Jason Varitek bobblehead night at Fenway!20160419_184040Needing: June to be a happier month than May.

Wanting: It to be tomorrow night when I’m outta work at four and don’t have work till Sunday afternoon.

Loving: cool summer mornings when I get to cruise into work on my bike and warm summer nights when I get to roll on home blasting whatever music I’m craving that day.

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