Coconut Vanilla Turmeric Ginger Iced Tea

Alternatively titled- how many flavors can you cram into the name of one drink?

In all seriousness, this drink is making my life complete.Β Now that it is summer, this little beverage is everything. I dream of having the sun shining on my days off from work and being able to lay outside on my patio drinking one of these bad boys while flipping through my favorite magazines.20160527_151537-01.jpeg

Mind you- when I say patio- I really am just referring to the concrete slab that’s fenced in on the side of the triple decker family home I live in.20160527_151247-01.jpegBut this drink! It helps me imagine I’m lucky enough to be sitting on a veranda of sorts- laying in a comfy lounge chair on a Spanish tiled patio, fresh flowers and plants surrounding me, birds chirping, and perhaps a butterfly or two in the air. When really I’m just ignoring the sounds of the ginormous car wash that sits at the end of my street where the employees yell talk and play loud music.

I’ve gotten into the routine of making a giant batch of homemade tea (or water infused with different roots and herbs) every week. I basically peel and mash or chop up some combination of whatever I’m in the mood for- and then boil it in filtered water for 40-60 minutes. Then I let it cool and store the concoction in a giant mason jar in the fridge. Boom! Tea all week!20160527_145632-01.jpegThis week I combined vanilla bean, ginger, and turmeric. In addition to using fresh and organic vanilla, ginger, and turmeric, I also stirred in a packet of the turmeric supplement from Mega Foods that I’ve mentioned on the blog before. It contains other things that help with the body’s absorption of turmeric like black pepper.

The vanilla bean was sort of an afterthought and I worried it might be weird… but man oh man- it’s so perfect in this! It sort of takes away from the slight dirt taste of turmeric (you know what I mean?). It softens the ginger and turmeric flavor and makes it more palatable. It makes it feel more like a fun drink and less of a health tonic.20160527_151043-01.jpegInstead of drinking this tea hot- I’ve been making it into iced tea blended with full fat coconut milk and a little maple syrup. It’s the perfect mid morning or mid afternoon drink.

All I do is pour the refrigerated, cold tea into a cup that I can fit my immersion blender into (souvenir red sox cups are perfect for this btw), add in a scoop of full fat coconut milk/cream, add a scoop of collagen, pour in a tablespoon of maple syrup, and blend away!20160527_145919-01.jpegYou could totally use cooled down tea made with regular old tea bags if you’re not into infusing your own water to make a tea like drink.

Drink with sunshine!20160527_151337-01.jpeg


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