Grown Woman Life

This has been the weirdest week of all time. I don’t even know how it’s Friday or how I got here. This week has felt like an eternity. All I have to say is… I’m worn OUT.

It all started on Sunday night. I was stressed to the max, work had been crazy that day, and I anxiously binge ate an entire bar of dark chocolate. And then I couldn’t sleep at all. I haven’t had chocolate in a significant quantity in like a month nor have I consumed any form of caffeine in quite some time… so its no wonder that mental stress + food + caffeine led me to staying up all night against my will and thus having to call out of work. So annoying. That’s how everyone wants to go into Monday, right?

What do you do when you can’t go to sleep? I used to get really upset, cry, and be all angry. Now that I know that those negative emotions don’t help anything and only make things worse, I just try to make the best of being up. When I know there’s no way I’m falling asleep, I embrace the situation as much as I can and entertain myself. Here’s how Sunday into Monday went:

  • 11pm- get home from work
  • 11:15pm- eat a snack and drink magnesium supplement while watching an episode of Frasier
  • 12am- attempt to go to sleep number one
  • 1am- get up to go the bathroom- sit in the bathroom for a while wondering why my stomach hates me
  • 1:30am- try to go back to sleep
  • 2am- get up, go to the bathroom again, and then watch the most recent episode of keeping up with the kardashians
  • 2:45am-attempt to go to sleep number three
  • 3:30am- get up and read news articles on my phone
  • 4am- attempt to go to sleep number four
  • 4:45am- get up, eat some granola, watch the first episode of Gilmore Girls (I’ve still never seen this show so this was sort of a big moment for me) while coloring
  • 5:30am- recognize that I’m not going to sleep at all- my alarm is set to go off in an hour- text boss and officially call out of work- continue to color
  • 6:30am- eat breakfast
  • 7:30am- go for walk around the neighborhood
  • 8:30am- attempt to go to sleep number five… SUCCESS!
  • 3:15pm- wake up after getting sixish hours of weird day time sleep to try and be a normal human

THEN after this ordeal, you would THINK I’d fall asleep nice & easy Monday night. Wrong. I had trouble falling asleep AGAIN but managed to get in five hours before waking up on Tuesday to get on a bus to NYC… to see Beyonce in concert.


So literally, my body had no idea what was happening. I went from Monday night having an annoying out of body experience being up all night to Tuesday night having the best out of body experience of my life being up almost all night watching Beyonce in concert. 20160607_215842beyonce20160607_232513I got home at like three in the afternoon Wednesday (when 24 hours prior I was rolling into NYC)- cooked some food- tried to get my life together- went out to dinner with work friends- went to sleep- went to work Thursday- and now its Friday.

Did you follow that whirlwind? I don’t blame you if you didn’t.

Long story short: I haven’t slept a whole lot this week but I also haven’t worked a whole lot and went to NYC for less than 24 hours to see Beyonce perform at Citi Field. THUS this week has been both simultaneously draining and amazing.

The only woman who could top Beyonce this week for me was Hillary Clinton. So flipping happy/excited about her being that much closer to being our President!!!

The End.


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