Bowl of the Week

Whenever I’m planning out my weeks, I try to figure out if I should view the week Sunday to Saturday or Monday to Sunday. Obviously calendars go Sunday to Saturday. But my work schedule goes Monday to Sunday. Is Sunday the last day of the previous week or is it the start of the week ahead?

Not that any of this really matters. I mean, I work in retail so it all blends together.

But what brought it to mind last night was me thinking, well, I made this bowl of food on Sunday. So. For most people, is that the end of the week or the beginning of the week? Is it fair for me to call it the “bowl of the week” for the week ahead even though I made it on someone else’s end of the week day?

I think its safe to say that I think too much.

But hear me out. This is where my unnecessary thinking led me. What I’m proposing is that Sunday night should be considered the beginning of the new week. Sunday day time- you’re still in weekend mode. You can brunch- hang with friends- run errands. But Sunday evening, Monday feels a lot more real, you start to get yourself prepared to go back to work, you go back into responsible mode. You might meal prep, make yourself a nice meal, shower, write a to do list for the week, etc. That makes sense, right?!

If you haven’t already x-ed out of this babble, let’s move onto more important things.

Something I learned recently: Jay Z and Drake apparently watch Vine videos. In the new song he’s featured in, Drug Dealers Anonymous, Jay Z references Damnnnn Daniel and in a song off of Drake’s new album, Weston Road Flows, he references What are thooooose?! I smirk to myself every time I hear these specific lyrics. I like to picture the two of them killing time- bored- chillin- just scrolling through vine- laughing to themselves- trying to make sense out of the absurdity of some of the videos- thinking of ways to incorporate the pop culture references into their music.

See! Celebrities are just like us! Although something tell me that they’re probably not thinking about the days of the week and begrudgingly accepting another Sunday night and Monday morning.

Also something I learned recently, I think I can handle eating eggplant again. For a while, about a year ago, it really bothered me and upset my stomach. I freaking love eggplant and so I was really sad when I realized how much distress nightshades were causing my belly. For this meal, I decided to use eggplant to see if I could make it work. And I didn’t have any problems like I used to! This is a sign that my gut has definitely been healing and all my hard work and dedication to AIP and eliminations has been worth it. I don’t think eggplant or tomatoes will ever be an all the time food for me like they used to, but with time I’ll be able to handle them here and there.20160612_172343-01.jpegThis bowl felt so summery to me. Probably because of the zucchini and basil. Also, there’s something about making sweet potatoes into noodles versus cubing and roasting them that makes them feel lighter and less dense. More summery!20160612_173916-01.jpeg20160612_181005-01.jpegHere’s what’s in my bowl:

  • Turkey sliders made with 2 lb. ground turkey, 1 shredded zucchini, salt, dried oregano, garlic powder, and dried thyme. I made 15 sliders (I meant to make 18 but I counted wrong when I patted them out!)
  • Sweet potato noodles made with white sweet potatoes. I used my spiralizer to cut the potatoes and sautéed them in lard + salt.
  • Roasted chopped onion, eggplant, and crimini mushrooms.
  • Fresh sliced basil!


Tips and tricks and side notes:

  • There’s a lot of beige colored foods in this bowl so if you want to make it prettier, use regular sweet potatoes!
  • When it comes to the eggplant, I like to peel mine, cube it, and then salt it in a colander for about twenty minutes in order to pull out the liquid from the eggplant. This makes it less bitter when you go to eat it. I used to think salting eggplant was a waste of time… until I did it and realized how much better it makes eggplant taste.
  • The lard I used is from 100% free range, pasture raised pigs. I get mine from Fatworks Foods- a trusted source for high quality, healthy fats.
  • If you want to be classy with the basil, instead of just chopping it up, chiffonade it! Stack pulled basil leaves on top of each other, roll them up, and thinly slice them diagonally to create long, thin strips of basil. That’s what a chef would do 😉
  • Why zucchini in the turkey patties? Ground turkey is great- but it tends to be pretty dry. Shredding a zucchini into the ground meat adds some moisture and then eventually texture. Plus- why not fit in more vegetable where ya can?
  • Zucchini and yellow summer squash are some of the vegetables that have a high rate of being GMOs and so I always buy them organic to avoid that. If I can’t find organic zucchini, I don’t buy it. Plain and simple.
  • Why do I prefer white sweet potatoes SO much so over yams or orange ones? They’re so much better.


Don’t like what’s in my bowl?

  • Use coconut oil or ghee as your primary cooking fat instead of lard.
  • Don’t have a spiralizer? You could totally wear your hand out using a julienne peeler to noodle-ize your sweet potatoes. OR you could go to Whole Foods and by their premade fresh sweet potato noodles. OR you could just cube the sweet potato and roast it alongside your other veggies.
  • Not feeling the sweet potatoes? Use a different starchy veg in there! Or maybe even a grain like rice or quinoa if you can tolerate them.
  • Need more colors? Feel free to swap out the veggies. Broccoli tastes good with pretty much everything.
  • No zucchini? You can easily make turkey patties without zucchini and they’ll be fine. Not amazing, but good.


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