Beginning of Summer Collection

I’m in the final stage of having a cold. You know when all the congestion is mainly down in your chest/throat and all you have to do is cough up all that phlegm? Sometimes it’ll come up when you sneeze. But mainly you have to get lucky and cough it out. And you know when it comes like halfway up but you can’t spit it out and you’re like DAMN IT- SO CLOSE. GET OUTTA THERE.

To much information? C’mon. We’ve all been there.

While I’m over here hacking up a lung, you should check out the things I’ve been loving so far this summer. There is a whole bunch of things I’ve been really into.


Make America Healthy Again Hat: This hat is from sweetgreen and whenever I wear it people say two things 1) I love that! or 2) Do you work at sweetgreen? To the latter I say, no, I’m just really obsessed with not just their food, but their message and the values of the company. 100% of the proceeds of this hat go to nutrition assistance programs at local farmers’ markets so that nutritious food can be accessed by more people. I’m vegetable crazy, but not everyone has the luxury and privilege I do to buy high quality produce- and that’s extremely sad. This is one of sweetgreen’s small ways of helping to fix this HUGE problem here in the U.S.

TAZA Wicked Dark and Vanilla Dark ChocolateFollowing a healthy message with one of chocolate. I recently had the opportunity to meet some TAZA reps (their main factory is in the same town that I live in!) and I got to try these two flavors of TAZA that I had never had before. The Wicked Dark is just that- it’s wicked dark. But I love it. It’s the perfect non sweet version of chocolate. There are just 8g of sugar in the entire bar or something crazy like that. And the vanilla dark chocolate, well, that’s definitely sweeter and more of a treat- but I love vanilla flavor in anything. Taza does stone ground chocolate and so there is this gritty texture that in theory shouldn’t be great (people like smoooooth chocolate) but it works and is so enjoyable.

Nada Moo Mint Chocolate Chip: Again, following up health advocacy with dessert. But I swear, this stuff is better than a lot of other stuff out there! It’s entirely dairy free (made with coconut milk) and most flavors are gluten free too I believe. The mint chocolate chip flavor is TO DIE FOR. They started selling a few flavors at Whole Foods around here- but from what I learned from creeping on their website, they have a ton of other flavors.20160628_093659-01.jpegOld Navy Swing Crew-Neck Tee: This shirt is my new summer go to t-shirt. I took a picture of it all spread out so you could see how it starts off normal width at the top, but then it opens up almost baby doll style so that when you wear it, the bottom half is loose and swingy. It is so comfortable. And for someone who is pretty uncomfortable in her own skin these days, it’s the best thing to slip on.20160628_093813-01.jpegDang! Onion ChipsWhere have these been all my life!!!! You’re probably familiar with Dang! Coconut chips… and now they’ve done it again with ONION chips. It’s literally slices of onion. They basically taste like funyuns (what a weird word to write) but are made with ACTUAL onions and a couple of other simple ingredients.20160628_093717-01.jpegNyx Powder Blush in CopperPeople ask me about the makeup I use on my face a lot. I don’t wear all that much most of the time, but I usually include a few swipes of this magical blush that in actuality, looks sort of like a bronzer. It’s like blush and bronzer melded together. It’s made by Nyx- and it normally costs five bucks- right now it’s on sale for 50% off! Such an amazing deal. Copper is my favorite shade- but I’m also partial to Terra Cotta.

Poland Springs Watermelon Margarita Seltzer: Poland Springs came out with some really new fun summer flavors and this one is definitely my favorite. Lately I’ve been digging the plain poland springs seltzer water (who am I even) and so this summer flavor is fun to change that up with.20160628_093927-01.jpegGilmore Girls: GUYS. WHY has it taken me this long to watch Gilmore Girls. LIKE- WHAT is wrong with me?! This show has stolen my heart! It has amazingly fast and witty dialogue, handsome men (and by handsome men I mean Luke), three Gilmore women that I adore, and its basically a time capsule of the years that made up my middle school and high school experience. GAH. When I’m not watching the show, I’m thinking about it, wondering when I’ll be able to squeeze in another episode, or singing the theme song in my head. I seriously have a problem. I’m only in season one so I know I have plenty more to watch but man, I’m hooked. I’ve also started listening to the Gilmore Guys Podcast when I’m on the go and can’t be watching the actual show. I’m not sure how I feel about it quite yet… but I’ll honestly take anything that has to do with this flipping show right now. I know other people love this podcast and so I’m holding out hope that it gets better as it matures.

Wildflower by Drew Barrymore: I didn’t know what to expect from this book. I knew she had a rough childhood and so I kind of thought that it would be dark and really emotional. And while she does talk about how she grew up, not once does it read as dark. She finds a way to bright lightness to everything and talk about it all with perspective. There is a lot of emotion embedded into the stories she tells, but she made reading stories from her life not heavy at all. It’s really easy to read- perfect for summer. And its written in a way where I can hear her saying the things. It’s very authentic and true to who and how she is. And for that, I respect her tenfold.20160628_093548-01.jpeg*All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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